Do you really understand the role of fruit trees in whi…

The fruit tree whitening agent is a preparation in which the main layer of the fruit tree and the base of the main branch are whitened by mixing with lime, vegetable oil, salt and the like as a main component, and the whitening agent is different according to the function and ---MORE---

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Working principle of excavator hydraulic pump and types…

The Hydraulic Pump is the power component in the hydraulic system. It is driven by the engine or motor, sucks oil from the oil tank, forms pressure oil, and then discharges it to the actuator. The hydraulic system of the excavator is a combination of various hydraulic compo ---MORE---

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Why is the hard disk of the monitoring system easy to b…

The computer can't be forced to shut down, otherwise it will damage the hard disk-I believe this is the initial understanding of the use of computers by many people. In the example shown below, there are several times of forced power off, which leads to the situation that the storage hard disk ---MORE---

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The best time for fruit tree autumn fertilizer

In the process of planting fruit trees, it is very important to implement the fertilizer. Some people think that the effect of winter fertilization is good. Some people think that the effect of spring fertilization is good. In fact, experienced fruit farmers say that fruit trees are the best in ---MORE---

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Who plans to subvert the LED lighting industry?

Solar energy is energy from celestial bodies outside the earth. Most of the energy required by humans comes directly or indirectly from the sun. Solar power generation is an emerging renewable energy source that can be used in solar street lights . There are three main sources of existing e ---MORE---

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What is the price of the spirit level? What are the bra…

The horizontal ruler is a measuring tool for detecting or measuring the horizontality and verticality. It is a horizontal ruler body composed of a left ruler and a right ruler that can be spread apart for measurement. It can measure at short distances and at long distances. ---MORE---

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Use of nitenpyram and precautions

Nitenpyram is a nicotinamide insecticide developed by Takeda, Japan in 1989. It has ultra-high efficiency, broad spectrum, low dosage, low toxicity (micro-toxicity of preparation), long-lasting effect, no crops. It has the advantages of phytotoxicity and safe use. Its effect o ---MORE---

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