4G operating license has not been issued 5G technology research and development "ready to move" [full text]

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of our country also led the establishment of the "MG2020" promotion group at the beginning of this year, officially launching the research work on the national 5G standardization. Huang Xiaoqing, president of the China Mobile Research Institute, also said before that, although the commercialization of 4G networks has not yet been officially launched, China Mobile has invested in the research and development of 5G networks.

In the domestic three major operators are still waiting for 4G licensing, 5G is ready to go.

“When two years ago when we started related research, there wasn’t anyone willing to talk about 5G. Now I'm very glad to see more and more companies joining in.” The overall head of EU’s METIS 5G project, Dr. Afif Osseiran from Ericsson recently accepted Said during the interview.

For example, Samsung announced high-profile not long ago that it has successfully developed a 5G core technology that is expected to begin deployment in 2020. Relative to the current 4G network 75Mbps transmission rate, Samsung's 5G network transmission rate can reach 1Gbps.

AfifOsseiran told reporters that the research on 5G by various organizations is still at a very early stage, and even there is no "consensus." Therefore, at the current stage, everyone hopes to draw more members to gather more ideas so that they can take more advantage in the next standardization stage.

According to the latest news from the reporter, Afif Osseiran may directly contact with China Mobile next month to discuss the 5G standard issues with the China Mobile Research Institute. An Ericsson wireless product source told the reporter, “Now, it is only pure research, and there is still no standardization issue. Of course, we hope to reach an agreement with China Mobile.”

Afif Osseiran revealed that the Radiocommunication Sector under the ITU (International Telecommunication Union) is drafting two important documents, mainly about vision and technical documents for 2020 mobile communications, “in these two documents, a basic global will be formed for 5G. consensus."

At present, all participating parties that initiate 5G research, whether they are operators, equipment vendors, or other research institutions, want to “export” their own research results into the documents of the International Telecommunication Union so as to seize the 5G industry opportunities.

What is the difference between 5G concepts and 5G?

With mobile communication technology upgrading from 2G, 3G, and 4G from generation to generation, it is natural for people to call the next-generation technology 5G. However, what kind of scope does the fifth-generation mobile communications technology - 5G - actually cover? There is currently no unified concept.

Samsung’s previously announced 5G technology is a millimeter-wave transmission technology. According to media reports, Samsung's testers used 64 antenna groups to achieve a gigabyte-per-second transfer rate. Users could download a full movie in less than a second.

Experts from the Korea Electronics and Communications Research Institute stated that this can be used as a basic technology for laying out 5G networks. Samsung is expected to be commercially available by 2020.

However, in Afif Osseiran's view, the problem to be solved by 5G will be not only the transmission speed. Instead, it is necessary to cope with the large-scale growth from networked devices and the different challenges in different application scenarios.

"Simple speed has no meaning." There are communications equipment business people to the reporter analysis, information transmission is no longer a bottleneck, or that is no longer the user's "pain point" where. Because the user's demand for speed does not increase indefinitely, or is not the first requirement, now everyone is more concerned with the stability of the connection and how to switch freely among different application scenarios.

Afif Osseiran believes that "on the evolution of technology, especially for 4G, like LTE technology, will continue to have a new version of the evolution, but also the emergence of some new technologies, such as communications between vehicles, and high reliability requirements Some new applications require new communication technologies."

According to Ericsson's estimates, the amount of mobile data will increase by a factor of 1,000 in the next decade, and the user data rate will reach a high rate of 100 times today. At the same time, the number of device interconnections can be up to 100 times today. Therefore, the ability to handle network connections and data volumes is greatly increased.

Ericsson's philosophy is: "5G is not a network technology, nor is it a completely new wireless access technology." Ericsson believes that 5G adopts "in the form of an experience center" - rather than in the past as a technology center, through integration. A variety of wireless access technologies provide extreme experiences to meet different needs.

The EU takes its first steps

In the early research on 5G, the European Union grabbed the forefront.

In November 2012, the European Union announced the launch of a project called METIS (Key Technology for Wireless Mobile Communication in the 2020 Information Society). The research project has a total investment of 27 million euros.

METIS currently has 29 members, including major equipment vendors and operators such as Ericsson and France Telecom, many academic institutions in Europe and the BMW Group. It is worth noting that China’s Huawei is also involved, and the main participant is Huawei’s subsidiary in Germany.

The goals set by METIS are: to lay the foundation for the establishment of next-generation (5G) mobile and wireless communication systems, to reach consensus on the future needs of mobile communications and wireless technologies, features and indicators, to achieve the concept, prototype, key technology composition Consensus.

Within METIS, all tasks were divided into eight working groups, of which six technical working groups were respectively headed by Japanese operators DOCOMO, Huawei, Alcatel-Lucent, Nokia Siemens, Nokia, and Ericsson. Each working group is responsible for coordinating a study. In addition, Ericsson will also be responsible for two non-technical working groups, including standards development and release as well as project management and supervision.

Afif Osseiran explained that this does not mean that each study is carried out by a company. "Each study will be divided into many specific tasks and all members can participate."

Through such a mechanism, METIS hopes to promote the consensus of as many stakeholders as possible before 5G reaches global standardization. “In addition, we will also listen to the opinions of more stakeholders, such as those in China, the United States, and those who have an important position in the industry,” said Afif Osseiran.

For METIS members, since there may be some patents in the course of the previous standard research, these patents will eventually benefit all members through patent sharing agreements.

China's 5G research also opened the curtain in the near future. On April 19, 2013, the first meeting of the IMT-2020 (5G) Promotion Team was held in Beijing. This is an organization supported by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Development and Reform Commission, and the Ministry of Science and Technology. The goal is to “organize all domestic forces and actively carry out international activities. Cooperation to jointly promote the development of 5G international standards."

According to the laws of the communications industry, generally every ten years is a new technology cycle. For example, the LTE4G network deployed now is about the standardization research that began ten years ago. Therefore, more and more organizations and participants have now joined the 5G advance card slot.

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