Advantages of careful inspection of the advent of the decoration season must not be less

In June, the home improvement market gradually entered the peak season as developers submitted buildings. Every big outfit company has launched various preferential packages to attract consumers. Qi Jia reminds that during the home improvement process, it is necessary to pay attention to the process that is easy to cut corners.

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Paint is most easily cut corners

In the renovation construction, brush painting is the most easily linked to cutting corners. According to the rules and regulations, the construction of wall surface latex paint is generally “1 bottom and 2 sides”, while the wood finish paint is “3 bottom 2 sides”. However, if the workers brush less primer or brush less again, there will be slight Chromatic aberration, but it is almost invisible to the owner as a layman. But after a year or two, wall cracks, mottled paint and other phenomena will appear.

In the construction of paint, there will be a trick to perform tricks: the decoration company does not perform according to the contract, provides the owners with the paint of the unlicensed type, or the worker replaces the high-quality paint bought by the owner with inferior paint, and earns the difference. This can lead to uneven coating on the surface of the paint, a color difference, or the performance of mildew-resistance and acid-base resistance on the wall, which will seriously affect the decoration effect.

Master Yan said that it is best for the owner to take the time to supervise the construction of the paint. This is the most effective way to avoid cutting corners. When the decoration materials enter the market, the owner must also carefully verify the paint's brand, specifications, series, etc., and the owner needs to understand the painting area in order to estimate how much paint the construction will require. It is also important to note that the painting of woodware needs to be “all aspects”, including front, side, back, inside and outside.

Primary processing is easily ignored

When it comes to grassroots processing, many prospective owners may not know much about this process. In layman's terms, if the wall substrate is not cleanly treated and dust remains, it will cause problems such as peeling, discoloration of the latex paint, and insufficiency of the tiles; if the wall is not covered with a varnish before the wall is laid, it will also be covered. Cause water vapor extravasation, wallpaper appears watermark, off, mold, waterproof construction before the construction of the base layer did not use cement slurry, rough walls holes, glitches will bring quality problems.

Master Yan said that grassroots management is the first step in construction, and it is also a key step that directly affects the following links. Before painting the walls, you should check to see if there is any hole in the wall that needs to be filled and then remove the original wall covering. The sand repair is applied to the wall repair area to ensure that the texture is consistent with the large area after the repair, and the floating dust is cleaned.

Tile Paving Note Empty Drum

What is the fear of paving tiles? Of course it is hollow. The hollowing out of tiles is closely related to cutting corners. If the semi-dry mortar under the tile is too thick or too thin, the cement paste on the back of the tile is not uniform enough, plump, or the cement marking of the tile is not up to the mark, these may cause the tile to empty. However, in order to facilitate the construction or save costs, decoration companies may find holes in these links. The homeowners need to pay special attention when checking homes.

It is worth mentioning that the thickness of the semi-dry mortar when paving ceramic tiles is also meticulous, generally about 4 to 5 centimeters, so that it can fully protect the hydropower lines under the tiles, and at the same time can guarantee the flatness of the ground.

Master Yan believes that the cement paste that covers the tiles must be full and even; glazed tiles are generally soaked in water for more than two hours when paved, and then paved under natural conditions, otherwise it may cause brick cracking due to cement effect. While bricks and glass mosaics generally do not require water soaking, they are troublesome when immersed in water. In addition, after the tile is tiled for 24 hours, it should be checked on the brick surface. If there is any empty drum sound, it should be re-layed.

Waterproof engineering is the most covert

Waterproofing is an important concealment project. Many newly-decorated houses have no problem in the water-rejection test of acceptance, but after 2-3 years of occupancy, there are wet and leaky conditions, making the owner not only compensate the loss of the neighbors downstairs, but also have to spend A lot of time and money were refurbished. This is the result of water-saving engineering work cuts, waterproof thickness is not enough, or the material is not qualified.

Master Yan reminded that waterproof construction must first select materials, preferred brand goods, and use well-known brand materials with advanced technology, aging resistance, environmental protection and non-toxicity, and complete quality certification. Secondly, to standardize the construction, all floors and walls in the bathroom, kitchen, and balcony should be treated with waterproofing, in which the wall surface of the bathroom is not less than 1.8 meters waterproof, and the kitchen and balcony no less than 0.3 meters. More importantly, the thickness of the waterproof layer should be sufficient, because the daily chemicals commonly used in life contain acid, alkali, and chlorine-based corrosives. The thickness of the waterproof layer directly affects the age of corrosion resistance.

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