Advantages of choosing granite in the countertop (Figure)

Nowadays people are paying more and more attention to the quality of life. Every detail can not be missed in the decoration of the house, such as the choice and installation of materials on the countertop. The materials available for this type of countertop can be dazzling, plexiglass, cement, composite panels, plastics, tiles, artificial stone, natural stone, etc., but ultimately the choice of materials will vary from person to person. Granite is an excellent choice for both grades and durability. According to the data, granite can meet the needs of customers from 35% to 40%.

Why do you recommend that you choose to use the most countertops in granite? Everyone knows that stone needs to be maintained. In order to use it in your warm home for a long time, please don't forget to pay attention to the maintenance of granite.

The reason for choosing granite countertops is mainly because it has the following advantages:

First of all, the texture is changeable and unique. As a natural stone, the granite grain is changeable and unique, giving a natural and comfortable feeling. Secondly, in terms of price, it is more reasonable than marble and other kinds of stone. Generally, a lot of ordinary granite is used in decoration projects. It is recommended that buyers choose materials and suppliers suitable for their own projects, and the price is up to 40%. Once again, granite is also a green product that can be recycled and harmless to the environment, low in radiation, high in temperature, hard, and generally difficult to wear. For example, housewives will find dishes that have just been baked. The plates are placed directly on the granite countertop without damage.

Finally, the countertops made of granite should pay attention to basic maintenance. When granite countertops encounter acid or oily materials without protection, they are very dirty. They must be cleaned immediately with soft soap and water, otherwise it is likely to leave the blotted. Users are advised to re-seal the stone frequently and use the applicable cleaning agent. If the maintenance is good, the service life of the granite countertop will exceed the surface of the market that can be used for more than 50 years.  

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