Analysis of major changes brought about by plastic granulator

With the rapid development of the social economy, the price of plastic raw materials has also increased, which makes the country vigorously urge the development and transformation of the plastic machinery industry. In the face of huge market demand, the production concept of plastic granulation design has undergone major changes again. A complete systemized and three-dimensional service plan has been introduced, which has brought challenges to machinery manufacturers and also brought more benefits to customers. .
In recent years, the international plastic granulator has provided the market with a full set of process solutions. The plastic granulator has created a strategic transformation of the service-oriented manufacturing that survives, and the service-oriented manufacturing is from the "low end" to the "high end." "The development concept." If the high end of the plastic granulator manufacturing is only understood as the technological advancement of a single device, it will lead to the industrial road.
The manufacture of high-end plastic granulator is a complete solution for the molding process of “potential demand” plastic products in related industries. The innovative plastic molding processing technology and equipment are derived from the “potential demand” of the relevant industry. . If only plastic pellet machine equipment is manufactured, it will only be at the low end of the value chain, and most of the added value will be owned by the full solution solution for the "potentially demanding" plastic pellets.
Service-oriented manufacturing indicates that high-end granulator manufacturing refers to the high-end plastic granulator in the value chain of the complete solution, highlighting its molding processing capabilities and the standard for measuring the advancement of the technical level of plastic granulators. Some only misunderstood the technological progress of plastic granulators as the use of certain new technologies, new manufacturing methods, new testing methods and new matching parts on the original equipment, and there is no substantial technological advancement in the molding processing capability. Just providing better equipment for a full solution provider is still at the low end of the value chain.

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