Analysis of the condition of bearing correction and reuse

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Analysis of the condition of bearing correction and reuse

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2013-08-08

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Bearings are many mechanical parts produced; and the precision of production is very strict; the degree of specialization of skills is very high; therefore, for most types of bearings that are simply bought; it should be more cost-effective than purchasing; as long as the following conditions Think about the bearing correction problem; that is, 1) many of the same types of bearings used in large factories; the failure modes are mainly the wear of the tumbling surface; fatigue or fretting abrasion; especially the damaged parts are mostly cages or rollovers. ; the ferrule or gasket still has a correction value,
.2) large and extra large bearings; close to failure or failure of the part without serious damage; or valuable bearings need to try to extend their useful period of use,
.3) Certain types of bearings that are difficult to purchase; have no spare parts after failure and have to be repaired; especially imported bearings,
.4) Bearings are subject to minor damage; such as subtle rust that occurs during the inventory period; and subtle fretting of the transport process; such corrections are abrupt and apologetic.
In addition to economics; bearing repair has its skill; this requires the repairer to fully understand the corresponding skill requirements of the bearing; and the layout, process and data characteristics of the bearing and its parts; otherwise it is difficult to ensure the repair of the bearing Have the effect of meeting the demand.
First, the economic benefits of bearing repair Generally speaking; the types of bearings are small; the number is large; the price of a single bearing is high; or the layout of the bearing is simple. The scale is large; the repair cost is relatively low; the higher the economic benefit.
Others; monitor the operation of the bearing; plan to repair the bearing before failure; can get twice the result with half the effort; follow a reasonable process; use efficient repair equipment and things; and get the assistance of professional bearing factory; Helps to improve economic efficiency.
Second, the advantages of cooperation with professional bearing companies users in the repair of the bearing business; if you can get the cooperation of professional bearing companies; will be able to get the following advantages:
.1) the skill requirements of each process that can be clearly repaired; and how to ensure the overall quality of the repaired bearings;
.2) Ability to use many of the specialized experience of specialized bearing plants; these experiences can reach process requirements reliably, efficiently, and economically.
.3) being able to order a mold for a professional bearing company; to repair the transaction; to be economical and save a lot of trouble,
.4) Atlas air compressor parts can be ordered from professional bearing companies such as cages; tumblers, rivets and other accessories; can make the repair work simple and convenient.
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