Another new battery technology has achieved breakthrough safety and higher capacity

Since the explosion of the explosive topic of Samsung Note 7 last year, the battery problem has gradually become the focus of attention. Scientists are also actively experimenting with various new battery technologies. The news of Huawei's and Samsung's research on graphene batteries has already been reported.

This time, another battery technology also ushered in a new breakthrough.

According to foreign media reports, researchers in the Energy Department of the Joint Center for Energy Storage Research (JCESR) discovered a magnesium conductor with the fastest conductivity, and developed and researched solid-state magnesium-ion batteries. Manufacturing has taken another big step.

The lab plans to carry out further research work. They said: "This may have a long way to go before the battery is manufactured, but this is the first time that magnesium solid materials with very good fluidity have been produced. ”

Compared to lithium, magnesium has many advantages: higher safety, rich mineral resources, total ion power is twice that of lithium, and the theoretical volume of magnesium batteries is higher than traditional lithium batteries. In addition, the anode of the magnesium battery adopts magnesium metal, and its energy density is higher than the theoretical volumetric energy density of the graphite anode.

Although this technology is still in its infancy, this emerging technology may have a transformative impact on energy storage in the near future.

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