Australian pine board advantage

From the mining to the production of the Australian pine board, it will be completed within one week. Using the “fresh” wood from the forest farm, the “blue change” problem can be ruled out. In addition, the processing of logs can be made to control the size of the chips produced, so that the finishing of the fibers in the subsequent production process is more consistent. Another benefit of processing whole logs is the ability to control the peeling process. The maximum bark content allowed in this film specification will reach 0.2%, and can reach 0.1% in normal times. In most other manufacturers, the bark content will reach 1.0%. Trees contain about 60% water. Removing moisture from the fibers is critical to the stability of the finished product. If the humidity is too high, the product will swell; if the humidity is too low, the product will shrink;

In general, the moisture content of the Australian pine board is between 6% and 9%. The production specification allows for a difference of 0.2 mm in thickness and 1 mm for linear expansion. Controlling humidity is also important to ensure good heat transfer during pressing. The heat reacts to the humidity in the sheet, producing steam, ensuring that heat is transferred to the core of the sheet. Good heat transfer performance means that the resin is well baked, and the physical properties such as internal cementation are excellent;

The Australian pine board is certified by Australia, New Zealand and Japan. At the same time, environmental protection is very good

Australian pine board is widely used in decoration, furniture, construction, packaging and other industries. Its hardness is large, suitable for wardrobes, bookcases will not be deformed (even floor), load-bearing, fireproof and moisture-proof performance is better than traditional large core board, material is very Environmental protection.

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