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Imported ceramic tile has been favored by Chinese customers with its quality, texture and color, and perfect service system. However, the purchase of imported tiles in the current domestic market is still not a perfect system, then we need to buy from some tips:

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A check:

Find out the source of origin. Wherever the origin of goods and propaganda words are vague, such as: Sino-foreign joint ventures, design concepts from Europe, original Italy, etc. It is not imported tiles that can not be accurately listed in the country of origin.

In addition, the bottom of the bricks should also be inspected and printed with the English words of the country where "MADE IN" was manufactured. If the bricks are blank and there are no MADE IN words, they are not imported tiles. Please be careful to distinguish them and beware of being deceived.

Two knocks:

Can be tapped, if the sound is loud, then the tile has high hardness and good wear resistance.

Three tests:

Water can be used to test the water absorption of tiles. The higher the water absorption, the lower the hardness.

Four scrapes:

Can use a hard object to scrape the glazed tile surface, if the surface is not damaged, then the brick wear.

Five look:

See if the color of the tile is clear and the size is the same; whether the glossy tile is slightly protruding under the reflection of the light and whether the surface of the tile is flat. In addition, the quality of the tiles and the size of the advantages and disadvantages, but also through the joints show the seam.

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