Choose the plate not to be fooled by the name

Mr. Zhao, the reader, was very confused recently. He used the cabinet to meet the "multi-layer solid wood panel." According to the purchaser, this board is better than eagle board and particle board. Comparing samples of three plates, Mr. Zhao found that multi-layered wood panels were superposed by multiple layers of wood, which smelled basically odorless, and particleboard samples had pungent odors. The Purchasing Manager said that the large taste means more formaldehyde. Mr. Zhao is very puzzled: what material is multi-layer solid wood, it is really environmentally friendly than particleboard? Experts pointed out that many planks are wood-based in name, but they are only common artificial planks.

It is misleading for consumers to “walk” with “solid wood”

What is a multi-layer solid wood panel? Sun Shudong, director of the Furniture Inspection and Wood Identification Laboratory at the National Furniture and Indoor Environmental Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, pointed out that the multi-layer solid wood panel in the mouth of a business is actually plywood. The reason why the scientific name is not called is to mislead consumers and make them feel that this material is closely related to solid wood.

As for the “multi-layer solid wood board” in the business mouth and the performance of the chipboard, Sun Shudong stated that the plywood with good quality may be higher in cost than the particle board. It can make furniture, cabinets, etc., and its performance can be guaranteed. As for the environmental performance, it depends on whether it can meet the national standards.

In Mr. Zhao's purchase experience, the flavour of the particle board sampled by the merchants was stimulating, and he claimed that the formaldehyde content was high. Sun Shudong pointed out that formaldehyde is colorless and odorless. A piece of environmentally friendly particle board may also have some "taste", which may be due to the taste of the tree species used in the substrate itself is relatively large.

Look at the essence by name. They have nothing to do with solid wood

The reporter found in the market that the relationship between wood and solid wood is not limited to multi-layer solid wood panels. Solid wood particle board, Ou Song board, Australian pine board, etc., they all have a blood relationship with the solid wood from the name, in fact, particle board and density board. Below, we ask experts to analyze them one by one.

Solid wood particles, Ou Song board = particle board

The so-called solid wood particle board in the market is particle board. Ou Song board, scientific name for oriented particle board. Particleboard is made by cutting wood into shavings and pressing it with glue. It is characterized by good nail holding force, low expansion rate, and good control of free formaldehyde. Its sizing amount is smaller than that of density plates and is more suitable for plane processing.

Australian Pine Board = MDF

Australian pine board is actually a density board. MDF is a man-made board made of wood fiber and an appropriate amount of adhesive. Its uniform density, suitable for multi-faceted processing, higher cost.

Multilayer solid wood = plywood

The multi-layer solid wood board mentioned above is a plywood. Plywood is generally formed by superimposing and pressing multiple layers of veneers. There are so-called three-, five-, and seven-fold boards on the market. At present, plywood uses core materials such as birch and poplar which are not beautiful in wood grain, and has many veneers as veneers.

Ecological board = big core board

The reporter found on the market a board called an eco-board, in which the wooden strips are arranged and bonded and the surface is veneered. According to the reporter’s description, experts speculate from their structure that this may be a blockboard, that is, Daxinban. The core material of the big core board is bonded with natural wood strips and then made of surfacing on the surface. This kind of plate has small deformation and good nail holding power.

Name ≠ Quality Write Contract Benefits

Sun Shudong reminded that many man-made board names use the word “solid wood” instead of the scientific name, which is to use consumers' preference for solid wood products. However, there is no direct relationship between the name and the actual quality of the product. Do not create unnecessary associations. In addition, when consumers purchase, they must also pay attention to observe the composition of the plate. For example, plywood is obviously a multi-layered structure.

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