Correct use of various gas masks and maintenance

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The harm of the working environment to the human respiratory tract mainly refers to the introduction of toxic and harmful gases or dust into the working space. It enters the body through the human breath and causes harm or direct damage to the respiratory tract.

First, the role of dust and poison products

1 , to prevent the harm of productive dust

Due to the comminution and screening of solid materials, dust may be generated. These dusts enter the lung tissue and can cause fibrotic lesions in the lung tissue, that is, pneumoconiosis. The use of dust and antivirus products will prevent and reduce the occurrence of pneumoconiosis.

2. Prevent harmful chemical substances in the production process

Toxic substances in the production process such as carbon monoxide and benzene invade the human body and cause occupational poisoning. Use of anti-dust and anti-virus products will prevent or reduce the occurrence of occupational poisoning.

Second, self-absorption filter dust mask precautions

1. The material of the selected product should not be harmful to the human body, and should not cause irritation and allergic effects on the skin.

2 , easy to wear, and the face to be consistent.

3. Before use, the nature of poisons, concentration, and oxygen content in the air in the operating environment must be ascertained. Before using the operating environment, it is absolutely prohibited. When the toxic gas concentration is greater than the specified range of use or the oxygen content in the air is less than 18 %, self-priming filter gas masks (or respirator masks) should not be used . Direct gas masks require tolerant gas concentrations greater than 0 . 5 % should be changed to a catheter type.

GRS-Y full face mask filter gas mask

4. Before use, check the airtightness of parts and joints. If leaks occur, the cause should be ascertained. For example, the mask is not properly selected or worn properly; the rubber body is damaged; the canister (box) is broken; the parts of the mask are loosely connected and so on. The mask is kept in a good airtight condition before it can be used.

5. Check whether the components are in good condition, whether the air pipe is clogged or damaged, whether the metal parts are rusted, deformed, and whether the rubber is aging. Whether the threaded joint is rusted, deformed, or tightly connected. Check the surface of the canister for cracks, crushing, and whether the thread is intact, and whether the lid of the can or the bottom of the can is complete or not, and whether there is a gasket inside the lid of the can and whether there is any sound when it is shaken vigorously. Check whether the belts and fasteners used to fasten the canister inside the mask bag are complete and intact.

6. Check the tightness of the entire gas mask after it is connected. After checking the components, it is important to check the integrity of the gas mask as a whole. The simple inspection method is: open the rubber bottom plug to inhale, if no air enters at this moment, it proves that the connection is correct. If there is leakage, you should check the correct connection of each part.

7. It is forbidden to loosen the lid of the canister (box) at will and prevent water or other liquid from entering the canister (box) during use.

Anti-drug breathing mask eye window lenses should be scratch-resistant friction, to keep things clear.

8 , anti-virus breathing supplies should be used and stored by a person, should be cleaned and disinfected after use. When cleaning and disinfecting, pay attention to the temperature, and do not allow parts such as rubber to be damaged by the temperature.

Third, the use of gas supply and respiratory supplies and precautions

1. Before use, check whether all parts are complete and in good condition, whether there is damage or rust, or whether the connecting parts are leaky.

2, the air cylinders of compressed air respirator use, and definitely not for charging oxygen. The gas cylinders used should be subjected to pressure test periodically according to the provisions of pressure vessels. Any gas cylinder that has exceeded the valid period must be qualified for pressure test before being used.

RHZKF positive pressure air breathing apparatus

3. After a certain period of time, the rubber products will naturally age and the elasticity of the rubber will affect the airtightness of the gas mask. In general, masks and airways should be updated every year. Exhalation valves should be replaced every six months. If not used properly and kept properly, the mask and suction tube can be changed once every three years. The exhalation valve is changed once a year.

4, when not respirator into the box, to avoid sunlight, temperature not higher than 40 ℃. The storage location is fixed, convenient for emergency use.

5 , the use of breathing apparatus in addition to daily on-site inspections, every three months (frequently used, can be less than three months) to conduct an inspection.

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