Deep well pump installation requirements and inspection

Submersible deep well pump should also be checked as follows: 1. The electrical connector should be immersed in water for 6 hours, with 5000 V shake table measurement, the insulation resistance of not less than 5 megohms; 2. The flange on the cable groove, there must be no Burrs or sharp corners, and should be cleaned; 3. Motor stator windings immersed in water at room temperature for 48 hours, the cabinet insulation resistance should not be less than 40 megohms. Deep well pump assembly should meet the following requirements: First, the assembly pump, Yang pipe, shaft, should be fastened in the connector and gradually into the well to prevent mechanical parts and tools fall into the well, submersible pump cable should be tied In the Yang pipe; Second, the threaded connection of the Yang pipe connected to each Other, should be added oil, should not fill the hemp, lead oil; tube end should be fitted with the bearing bracket (long axis deep well pump) or direct fit, Two pipe threaded into the depth of the pipe should be equal; flange connection Yang pipe, flange end surface should be added gasket; Third, the pump base and the connection on the basis of Yang pipe, if the well tube is slightly skewed, Pump base should be the appropriate deflection (not to simply correct the level of the pump base); pump base and the gap between the foundation should be filled with wedge iron. Fourth, the long axis deep well pump should still meet the following requirements: 1. Drive shafts connected to each other, the two shaft end face should be fit, the two shafts into the coupling depth should be equal; 2. Motor and pump seat should be close fit, during which may not be padded, such as motor shaft and motor hollow shaft is not coaxial, the pump seat and the base should be added to adjust the tilting horn. 5, diving deep well pump should meet the following requirements: 1. After the pump and motor assembly, the motor should be flooded to the submersible motor filled with clean water; 2. The depth of the submersible into the water generally should not exceed 70 meters, as must be more than 70 meters, the stator resistance of the motor stator windings, cables and connectors for water pressure test. Deep well pump test operation should be done before the following: First, diving deep well pump: 1. Calculate the voltage drop of the cable should ensure that the submersible motor leads to the voltage at the cable connector is not lower than the rated value of the submersible motor; 2. Each time you start Before, all wells should be filled with air partially filled with water; 3. Submersible pump should be used within the specified range. Second, the long-axis deep well pump; 1 according to the provisions of equipment and technical documents to adjust the axial clearance between the impeller and the diversion shell; 2 Check the back-off mechanism is flexible and reliable; 3. Before the start; equipment technical documentation Provisions water pre-rubber bearings. Third, the long axis deep well pump start 20 minutes after the pump should stop adjusting again between the impeller and the shroud axial gap. For submersible pumps that fail to check the motor steering before entering the well, the correct steering of the motor should be determined based on the change of starting current. The pump shall not be restarted when all the water in the suction pipe has not yet returned to the well. The interval between stopping the pump and restarting the operation shall comply with the provisions of the technical document of the equipment. Deep well pump in place before the following checks should be made: 1. Well pipe diameter and non-straightness should be consistent with the pumping part of the external dimensions of the well size; well pipe diameter should be generally larger than the pump into the well part of the largest dimensions of about 50 mm, so that the pump body In the well free up and down, and shall not damage the diving cable; 2. Well pipe mouth out of the corresponding base plane should not be less than 25 mm; 3. Well tube and foundation should be placed soft isolation layer; Empty size should meet the needs of Yang pipe and pump seat connection; 5. Well tube should be no sludge and dirt, debris; 6. Yang pipe should be straight, screw thread and flange end should not bruise, and should be cleaned; 7. Long axis deep well pump should be checked as follows: (1) bearing bracket and rubber bearings should be intact, the rubber bearings should not be contaminated with grease; (2) deep well pump drive shaft end surface should be smooth, drive shaft at both ends of the support In the case of the central radial runout should not be greater than 0.2 mm; thread should not bruise, and should be cleaned.

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