Du Peng floor how Peng Peng floor decoration renderings enjoy

Flooring is now an integral part of home improvement. Under such market conditions, more and more market brands have emerged, giving consumers more choices and allowing consumers to decide what to buy. The floor of the brand is uncertain. This is because of the reasons why the major brands on the floor are not well aware of the following. I will take you to see how the Dupont flooring and the Dupont floor decoration renderings are available for your reference.

How do Peng Peng floor

Dupont Flooring is a star product owned by Dupont Warmcore Technology Co., Ltd. Since the beginning of its establishment, Dupont Company has been adhering to the concept of doing quality as a service. In many years of development, it has always insisted that the quality of the product must be the first The professional design and creation team and advanced German craftsmanship are the development achievements of Dupont for many years. After having these, Dupont vigorously carried out research and development work, and in the year of 2008, the first time the cross was warmed up. It was a great invention for the birth of Du Duo Peng. This birth opened up a new chapter in human heating. Dupont's product performance is far more than these, it has received the honorary title of the top 500 brands, the top ten quality brands.

User ratings for Dupont Flooring

User One: My family has just installed Dupont flooring. If I can't, I will not say anything. My friends decided to say that Peng Peng's floor is OK or not after listening to my description below. I was the first zenith of goods, the next day the goods arrived, the floor is particularly heavy, after stepping on the foot to install a good foot, with a solid wood skirting line, it is particularly high-end, the price is cheap, seven Ten yuan a square, but also all the materials.

User II: how to say, Dupont floor is rarely heard, visibility certainly no iconography, living home and other brands of high degree of colonization, but in general is still a relatively rapid development of the brand, it is in the design above It is very unique and has a very deep cultural charm. I feel good.

User evaluation 3: Although it is not a big brand, it integrates the spiritual and cultural heritage of home furnishings into the design of the floor and it is even more profound. Overall it's still pretty good and worth recommending.

Dupont floor decoration renderings to enjoy

1, Dupont floor spring sunshine


Wood species: oak wood

Specifications: 1210×165×15/2.0

Remarks: Antique

2. The Babylonian Garden on Dupont Floor


Wood species: Oak

Specifications: 1210×165×15/2.0

Remarks: Antique

Editor's summary: The above is today I will introduce you to Du Peng floor and Du Peng floor decoration renderings, I hope to help you. If you still want to learn more home knowledge, please pay attention to Qijia Decoration Network to learn about the latest developments.

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