Five Tips for Buying Polished Tiles

Because the color of polished tiles is bright, has a good decorative effect, and is hard and wearable, it is very popular with consumers. However, one of the biggest disadvantages of polished tiles is that they are easily dirty. This is mainly because the polished tiles will Leaving rough pores, these pores can filth and cause the surface to easily infiltrate contaminants. Later, the manufacturer added a layer of anti-fouling layer to the surface of the polished bricks. In addition to looking at its anti-fouling performance, consumers have a lot of precautions when choosing a polished tile. Experts have summarized the five tips for selecting polished tiles to help you buy quality polished tiles:

First, look with your eyes

1. Pick a few pieces of tiles together and carefully examine the overall color of the tile under strong light. The color difference of the good quality polished tiles is very small, and the overall color tone is basically the same, but the overall color tone of the poor quality polished tiles is inconsistent.

2, if there is a tile color, depends on whether the pattern is delicate and realistic, if there is obvious lack of color, dislocation, it shows that the quality of the tile is not good.

3, put more than 5 tiles together, see the diagonal can not be aligned, good quality tile diagonal is very neat.

4, carefully check the surface of the tile there are no uneven holes, if there are holes, it is easy to filth, no matter how cleaning can not afford to wash, so this should pay special attention.

5, to see whether the side of the tile is straight, good quality tiles will be very straight, if the side is not straight, after the tile on the ground is easy to loose, not solid.

Second, hit with hard objects

Consumers can tap the tiles with their hands or hard objects during the purchase. If the sound is very crisp, like the sound of metal tapping, it shows that the ceramic tile has high degree of porcelain and density, good internal quality, and high hardness; if the sound is heard It sounds like a sound hitting a wooden board, indicating that there is a crack inside the brick and the quality is a problem. Since tiles are laid on the ground, people will step on them for a long time. If the hardness is not high, there will be floor breakage.

Three, scraping tiles with sharp things

Consumers can negotiate with the merchants when they are buying, and scrape the tile surface with sharp things to see if they will leave scratches. If there are scratches, it means that the wear resistance of the tiles is not high. This is because the floor will be stepped on by people. If the wear resistance is not high, the floor of the family will become a big face in a few days.

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Fourth, in the ceramic tile drops in the middle of the pollutant

The antifouling property of ceramic tiles is also a must for consumers when choosing ceramic tiles. If the antifouling properties of ceramic tile are not good, it will not be clean if the fruit or ink is scattered on the top, which will greatly affect the appearance of the living room. Because many manufacturers wax the tiles to increase the anti-fouling performance of the tiles, but the effect generally can not be maintained for a few days, so consumers choose to use a dry rag to remove the wax from the brick surface, and then drop in the middle of the tile Into the tea stains or ink, wait 10 minutes, rinse with water, then wipe with a rag, if you can clean it shows that the tile anti-fouling is good, if there are still traces of tea stains or ink, it shows the protection of this tile Pollution is not good.

Fifth, sprinkle water on the tile surface

Sprinkling water on the tile surface is to check the slip resistance of the tile. Touch the tile surface after water is finished. If it is very smooth, it means that the tile is not slippery. Imagine if the tile is slippery at home and it is not good. You will wrestle when you go.

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