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This year's "Double Eleven" online shopping carnival has come to a close, so that every party has returned home. However, from the historical data, the online consumption of household building materials is still inferior to the traditional fast-moving consumer goods industry. The reason is that the installation and after-sales problems are difficult to perfect, and the purchase of physical objects can better help the owners to carry out renovation planning. In particular, flooring home improvement products, although many companies have a complete network marketing system, but do not catch the "double eleven" and participate in the store's promotional activities, but can enjoy more benefits and more complete installation and after-sales service.

Tangible product quality

To choose

At the end of the year, many owners are working on the progress and rushing construction, hoping to successfully settle in the new home before the Lunar New Year. Among them, the purchase of a good floor becomes a problem that cannot be delayed but has a lot of trouble. Because as an important material in the decoration, many people not only worry that the color of the floor does not match the decoration style of their own, but also worry that the quality of the product is not too hard, resulting in cracking and grinding after a period of use. By buying and comparing to the physical store, we can know the quality of all aspects and be able to see and feel.

As a durable product in the home life, the floor has strict requirements on quality, because installing the floor once means that it will be replaced in seven or eight years or longer. The reporter learned in Fu'anju, Nanning that Fulin flooring was carefully selected, using natural vegetable oil technology, free of heavy metals and other pollutants, and entered the Guangxi 20-year deep ploughing market with zero complaints. Each floor produced represents excellent quality and can be accepted. Consumer inspection. Some time ago, Fulin Floor also won the 2015 “Top Ten Chinese Flooring Brands and Top Ten Brands” network sponsored by China Flooring Network, the exclusive “National Wood” series of products. The laurel of the “China Top Ten Brands” in solid wood category marks a further improvement in brand strength and product quality that can be assured by consumers.

Brand service that is close to the people and not lost

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In recent years, the floor promotion activities have continued, and the relevant user service is the only magic weapon for the floor brand to create the golden signboard. Therefore, when purchasing the floor, it is necessary to look for the standard service. Fulin Flooring has launched the supreme service of the National Wood Butler. It not only provides free product consultation, color features and decoration styles, so that every consumer can clearly understand what floor is best for them, rather than purely selling one. Flooring; after the order is made, Fulin Floor will also confirm the quantitative room, installation appointment time, and guide consumers to do waterproof and moisture-proof measures, greatly increasing the user's goodwill for the use of the product.

As a brand that has entered the Guangxi market for 20 years and zero complaints, the Fulin floor brand service has indeed achieved a lot of guarantees that the brand can say but can't do it. It is this attitude of close to the people that makes more and more old users. Bring new users. To be grateful for this, Fulin Floor will still put the user experience first and do better in the future. Especially now that the end of the year is near, many owners' floor construction needs to speed up the progress, but "on time, by quality, according to quantity" is a brand style that cannot be lost, and it is a serious commitment to a consumer. Every piece of installed floor indicates a longer life and more peace of mind and more confidence for consumers.

Successfully held a large Thanksgiving promotion for 9 years

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In November, many Nanning citizens have formed a consensus that the Guangxi Flooring Festival is coming. This successful 9-year large-scale floor promotion in Guangxi has made many people form the habit of wanting to buy a floor and wait for the Guangxi floor festival to see. There are not only price concessions, but also quality. The success of the 9th consecutive experience has included the tireless pursuit of product quality.

According to Mr. Su, the person in charge of the Fulin Flooring, the organizer of the Guangxi Flooring Festival, the Guangxi Flooring Festival has strict requirements on the quality of the products introduced, not only the non-defective and inferior products, but also the clarity and flatness of each floor from the texture. Process and other details must be refined. There is a saying that is good, that is, the calendar "nine" is new, in the ninth year, the Guangxi floor festival will still come up with new ideas and sincerity to provide the best products and services for every owner who needs the floor. It is reported that at the 2015 floor festival, the trend of the floor in 2016 will be displayed, and at the same time, for the whole city to collect model rooms, a number of quality floors will set off a half-price storm. So don't regret to miss the "Double Eleven" floor online purchase, personally participate in the annual Guangxi floor festival, enjoy the same preferential price online, experience more complete and comprehensive after-sales service than online.

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