Furniture should also pay attention to "moisturizing" during the winter.

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In the winter, the air becomes drier, especially for households with heating, the air in the room is inevitably dry. So, in a dry living environment, how to make winter furniture for home furniture? According to industry insiders, if the temperature in the home is too high, you can use a humidifier or put a basin of water in the house. For solid wood flooring, waxing is also an essential protective measure.

Surface temperature should not exceed 30 ° C

"Quenching or sudden heat will cause damage to the floor, wooden furniture, etc." Mr. Liu, who runs the furniture business, said that in order to properly maintain the floor in the home, it should try to avoid sudden warming in the room. “If the temperature rises too fast, the floor may be cracked and twisted due to expansion. Therefore, if the geothermal heating is used in the public, the surface temperature should not exceed 30 °C.” Mr. Liu said that the most suitable ambient temperature in the human body is 22 °C. Below, the service life of the floor can also be guaranteed.

At the same time, because the winter climate is relatively dry, it is necessary to shorten the window opening time as much as possible, and appropriately increase the humidity indoors, which not only benefits people's living, but also greatly helps the maintenance of the floor. Mr. Liu said that the real cause of cracks on the floor comes from humidity, not temperature.

“In addition, the higher the air temperature, the more water is saturated, which means that the humidity in the house will be higher than that in the outdoor. Therefore, the humidity of the room is preferably controlled at around 50%.” Mr. Liu said that for the family Equipped with an air humidifier is very direct and effective, or you can also put a basin of water at home, which can also have a good effect. "The home is too dry, it is not good for human health and furniture health."

Two times a year to give solid wood flooring wax

"Since heating, our home temperature is generally around 25 °C, the home is very dry, our furniture is also beginning to temper. Like the phenomenon of shrinkage of the wooden floor, the gap between the board and the board is increased." Ms. Chen said that in the winter, because the interior is generally closed and the heating is also very hot, she found that the wood products in the home, such as solid wood flooring, are more likely to crack.

To this end, the reporter consulted Mr. Chang, who specializes in flooring. He said that solid wood flooring is more noble in the floor family, and is also most vulnerable to external environmental disturbances. When humidity and temperature change, it is most prone to deformation and cracking. “Solid wood flooring prefers an environment where the temperature is below 28 ° C and the humidity is between 50% and 70%. In the case of geothermal heating in winter, the solid wood floor will shrink due to water loss, and the splicing gap will increase.”

How to prevent cracking of solid wood flooring? Mr. Chang said that as long as the solid wood floor is solid wax on time. “In order to make the life of solid wood flooring longer, it is recommended to wax twice a year.” Mr. Chang said, in addition, the daily care of solid wood flooring is also very simple, wring dry cotton mop to wipe, but not too wet. If there are stubborn stains on the floor, it is recommended to wipe with a neutral cleaning solvent, then wipe with a wrung cotton swab. Do not scrub with acid, alkaline or gasoline. This will make the solid wood floor “destroyed”.

Remind the furniture to stay away from heat sources

"For some families that are being renovated, due to the dry indoor air in winter, the water loss is faster, the putty is too thick, and it is easy to cause empty drums, cracks, and uneven walls." Mr. Chang suggested that you can add in the putty powder. Cellulose, the putty is very thin. And open the door in the warm afternoon, open the window, and breathe the house. "Renovated houses, it is best to buy some potted green plants to put in, not only to purify the air, but also to increase the humidity of the room, to retain moisture, kill two birds with one stone."

In addition, in the winter, the furniture should be placed away from the heat source, at least about 1 meter. "Because the furniture is too close to the heat source, it will quickly cause the moisture in the furniture wood to be excessively evaporated, causing the seams of the furniture to be shrunk and causing the cracked panel to crack." Mr. Chang suggested that if you eat hot at home The food should be placed on the surface of the utensils and furniture that holds the food to prevent the furniture from being burnt.

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