Get rid of vulgar life trouble experts help you break the decoration five failures

Home decoration is a lot of failures, but in comparison, the following five are the most common ones. They can be called five failures of decoration. If you look closely, have they appeared on your side?

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First, the lack of planning for electrical use, spending money and space

Today's housing prices, however, are very expensive, and the common people only have to work hard to get their own house. The area is generally small and the space needs reasonable planning. The air-conditioners, refrigerators and other large items are very "dominant". The "bulkheads" made the already cramped rooms even more crowded, and some families had additional hanging air conditioners on the living room or bedroom walls. The entire wall bulged with a big bag, which made the eyes uneasy and affected the overall beauty.

Recommendation: Color TVs, air conditioners, refrigerators, etc., can't be less, but they must be tailored when buying and decorating.

Plan and arrange according to the characteristics of the layout and space, choose those appliances with suitable shape. As far as the air conditioner is concerned, the appearance is very important. In addition, the central air conditioner for home use has gradually become popular, and some central air conditioners can even be “invisible”. For example, some brands launched ultra-thin products, which eliminate a large space killer, save space is to save the money.

Second, to wear electrical appliances, feel like the seventies

Wearing a protective cover for household appliances, this is the way of life of the previous generation, but modern home TV, refrigerators, washing machines, microwave ovens, remote controls, etc... Even the drinking fountains are covered with sleeves. The cartoons, the cartoons, the animal motifs, or simply the complicated laces... The various covers occupy most of the space and sight. Appliances are safe, but high-end home appliances do not reflect modernity, and they are easy to imagine, thinking about sweet.

Suggestion: Quickly pick up all the jackets, but also home appliances. If you think that air conditioners and televisions are too obtrusive, think of ways to hide them, or simply install a small, affordable home-use central air-conditioner, change the LCD or plasma, and now the prices of these things are much cheaper and a lot of fashion. Homes are treated like this. If you don't know what to do, ask the designer. They have a lot of good ideas.

Third, family lighting like a ballroom, colorful

It is said that light is the flirting master of home atmosphere, and the importance of home lighting design is obvious. If the lighting is selected properly, the light combination is perfect and soft, romantic, warm, and bright all kinds of moods come along, but some families are excessively pursuing gorgeousness. Even with the colorful neon lights, night falls, everything is bright and colorful, and gorgeous, but how it feels like being in a ballroom, the serene atmosphere of the house is without trace, and the vulgar smell comes.

Fourth, colorful wall, colorful like a drawing board

In the past year or two, the use of home wall decoration design is becoming more and more common. Many designers and fashion home magazines recommend that you try some bold colors, such as the popular red, yellow, pink, purple and other bright and bright color. However, the use of color walls is very particular about the use of furniture, fabrics, and floor colors to match the overall home. Many people do not understand this principle. They only think that the colored walls are beautiful and fashionable. No matter whether they were painted on the walls of their homes on March 27th, it was hard for a home to be a wall paint showroom.

V. Randomly piled up luxury elements, spend money thankless

The classical European palace style is the most popular and most representative of luxury decoration, but many people do not know that this type of design is very particular about the ceiling, floor, pillars, furniture, fabrics, including decorations and other series. According to the conditions and preferences of her family, the gold, silver and silver furniture, the limited works of well-known designers, and the chandeliers of the crystal chandeliers were randomly stacked together. In the end, it may cost a lot of thought and leave a lot of money, but only沦 is a nightclub private room style, superficial and tacky.

In fact, the choice of decoration is varied, and it is easy to produce many other failures. For example, false flowers and plants fill the room, ingeniously use cheap and decorative paintings, graceful entrances, excessively decorated entrances, and low-rise spaces to engage in complex suspended ceilings. Of course, art is hard to be perfect. We can only work hard to improve our knowledge of decoration, minimize our regrets, and avoid obvious vulgarities.

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