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Life is limited, fate is different, and some people are still poor in their lives. Some people are born billionaires. The feng shui problem at home has always been a concern for netizens. Today Qi Jia Xiao Bian has summarized the feng shui of the living room kitchen space, and viewed the home fortune from the overall perspective.

In terms of home feng shui, the feng shui of the living room is related to the family's fortune and the harmony of family relations. It is indeed a major event that cannot be ignored. Living room feng shui is the most important ring of Yang house feng shui. The good and bad of the entire family homestead transportation, whether it is the progress of business promotion, the number of shipments, the quality of family wealth, the depth of husband and wife's fate, the children's books, the examination of the transport, health status are normal, probably by the living room Feng Shui Decided. It shows that Feng Shui in the living room is the core of Yang Feng's feng shui and its importance is unparalleled. The following will teach you to improve the living room feng shui tricks, decoration before you look carefully.

  Jason decoration

Living room

The living room is preferably located in the front half of the home near the gate so as to directly absorb the air from the door. If you have to go through the corridor to reach the living room, then the corridor must be kept clean and the lighting must be sufficient to avoid obstructing the living room. If it is a mezzanine design, the living room should be on the floor.

Living room pattern

The layout of the living room is preferably square or rectangular. The seating area cannot be flushed to the corner of the room. The sofa cannot be pressed. If there is a prominent corner of the house that emits dark arrows, bonsai or furniture can be disposed of. If the living room is L-shaped, it can be divided into two square areas by furniture and treated as two separate rooms. For example, you can think of areas as a reception room and another area as a living room. Or make a mirror on the wall, symbolically make up the missing corner, and then decide on the center as a complete room.

Adjust the living room furniture

Sharp objects such as swords, firearms, medals, and animal specimens should not be hung on the wall. Because these items will produce yin, leading to quarrel or violence. The same should also avoid placing lamps or ornaments on the corner.

Living room Feng Shui furnishings

The furnishings of the living room are mainly based on the lifestyle and aesthetics of the occupants. Any feng shui mascot display must be based on the eight major desires of life and the orientation of the individual's fate. It is best to consult a professional fengshui master.

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