How is the accuracy grade of SKF bearings differentiated?

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How is the accuracy grade of SKF bearings differentiated?

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SKF bearings are divided into many grades; the precision of SKF bearings of different grades is different; how to distinguish the precision grade of SKF bearings; we will elaborate on them today.
The precision of SKF imported bearings is divided into (primary) scale accuracy and rotation accuracy. The accuracy grade has been standardized; it is divided into 0 grades, 6X grades, 6 grades, 5 grades, 4 grades, 2 grades and 6 grades.
Accuracy progresses from level 0; it is satisfied with the usual use level 0.
Although the above accuracy level is based on the ISO specification; its title is different in national specifications.
Scale accuracy (items related to shaft and housing units)
1. The tolerance of the inner diameter, the outer diameter, the width and the installation width, the tolerance of the complex circle diameter and the diameter of the outer complex circle in the roller group, the allowable limit value of the chamfering scale, and the tolerance of the width of the rotation. Project related to the rotation of the rotating body)
1. The inner ring and the outer ring allow the radial runout and the axial runout 2. The inner ring allows the lateral runout 3. The allowable variation of the outer diameter surface inclination 4, the thrust variation of the thrust SKF bearing race thickness 5, the cone Hole acceptance error and tolerance variation SKF bearing type and applicable accuracy grade SKF bearing method applicable specification Applicable accuracy grade deep groove ball SKF bearing GB307 0 grade 6 grade 5 grade 4 grade 2 grade angle touch ball SKF bearing 0 grade 6 grade 5 4 grade 2 level self-aligning ball SKF bearing 0 grade cylindrical roller SKF bearing 0 grade 6 grade 5 grade 4 grade 2 grade tapered roller SKF bearing metric series (single row) GB307 0 grade 6 grade 6 grade 5 grade 4 grade metric series ( Double row, four columns) SB/T5341994 Class 0 Inch Series SB/CO/T1089 Class4 Class2 Class3 Class0 Class00
Spherical roller SKF bearing GB307 0-level thrust ball SKF bearing 0 grade 6 grade 5 grade 4 grade thrust spherical roller SKF bearing 0 grade GB/T30794 specification The SKF bearing grade is divided into GEDC B.ISO, JIS and other specifications are as follows :
Specification accuracy GB/T30794 BCDEG
DIN P2 P4 P5 P6 P0
Accuracy of selected function requirements Use case Applicable accuracy level Requirements Placement body with high runout precision sound, impression machine spindle (recorder, recorder)
Radar, parabolic antenna rotating shaft machine tool spindle computer, disk spindle aluminum foil roll neck multi-stage rolling mill support SKF bearing P4
P5, P4, P2, ABEC9
P5, P4, P2, ABEC9
High-speed rotary supercharger jet engine main shaft, auxiliary machine centrifugal separator LNG pump turbo molecular pump spindle, SKF bearing machine tool spindle tensioner P5, P4
P5, P4
P5, P4
P5, P4
P5, P4, P2, ABEC9
P5, P4
Demand conflicts and conflicts change small control machines (synchronous motors, servo motors, gyro gimbals)
Measuring external machine tool spindle P4, ABMA 7P
P5, P4, P2, ABEC9
Usually precision small motor, gear transmission, cam transmission, generator, low induction synchronous servo motor, pressure rotor, printer, copier, detection instrument P0, P6

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