How should polyaluminum chloride be used correctly?

Jiarun Environmental White Polyaluminium Chloride: A newly developed water purification material specially designed for the treatment of drinking water with very high purity. The floc formation is fast and the sedimentation speed is fast, which is more than the traditional product such as aluminum sulfate.

Polyaluminum chloride has a low price and good water treatment effect, so many users have chosen it without hesitation in the choice of water purifying agent, and its use has become a concern of many people. Let's let Jiarun Environmental to popularize the application method for everyone!

In fact, users can determine the optimal dosage by testing the concentration of the drug according to different water quality and different topography.
1. Liquid products can be delivered directly or diluted. Solid products need to be dissolved and diluted before delivery. Please determine the dilution water quantity according to the water quality to be treated and the quantity of the product. The dilution ratio of the solid product is 2-20%, and the liquid product is 5-50% (by weight).
2. The amount of liquid product is 3-40 g / ton, and the solid dosage is 1-15 g / ton. The specific dosage is based on flocculation test and experiment.
3. The spray-dried polyaluminium chloride has lower acidity than other inorganic flocculants.

The difference between spray-drying polyaluminum chloride and ordinary polyaluminum chloride production process:
Spray drying:
Liquid raw material----pressure filtration----spray tower spray drying----normal drying of finished products:
Liquid raw material----placement----drum drying----finished product

It can be seen that the classification of polyaluminium chloride is different, and the method of use is also to be considered. Once again, Jiarun Environmental welcomes everyone to come to the consultation materials and more knowledge about water purification!

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