How should the cranes grow?

There is also a name called Xiankelai. The plant shape is chic, the flowers are beautiful, the flower shape is diverse, and it is popular among the people. So, how should the cranes be raised?

1. How about the crane? - Temperature: The suitable growth temperature is 15-25 °C in summer, and the suitable growth temperature is 10-20 °C in winter. Below 10 °C, the number of flowering is reduced. The growth period should have a temperature difference of 10 °C, which can inhibit the cyclamen.

2. How about the crane? - Illumination: Under the condition that the temperature is not higher than 25 °C, the illumination intensity of Cyclamen can be increased to 40,000 LUX. The ultraviolet light in the light can promote the vividness of the cyclamen.

3. How about the crane? - Watering and humidity: Watering is based on the principle of dryness and seenation. The water temperature in winter is kept above 15 °C, and the humidity is maintained between 60% and 80%. Suitable humidity has a promoting effect on leaf color.

4. How about the crane? - Fertilization: Cyclamen is a bulbous flower that requires more potassium. During the growth of cyclamen, the appropriate fertilizers N, P, and K are 6.5%, 6%, and 19%, respectively. In the flower bud differentiation period, half a month of chasing the leaf surface fertilizer potassium dihydrogen phosphate, the concentration is 3000 times, one or two times.

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