How to control pea brown vein disease

The germs mainly overwinter on the seeds and spread by the wind and rain. Seeding too early or suffering from low temperature chilling, or soil viscosity, humidity is too high, or partial application of nitrogen fertilizer, plant growth, are easy to develop.
Pea brown streak is mainly manifested in harmful leaves, stems and pods. The leaves are infected with irregular lavender spots. Under high temperature and high humidity conditions, the lesions spread rapidly and spread over the entire leaves. The leaves turn yellow and twisted and die; some are dark brown irregular wheel spots, and the central necrosis Produces black dots.
Teach you a trick: properly planted, add potassium fertilizer.
Pesticide control: spray 50% mixed sulfur suspension 500 times solution, or 75% chlorothalonil WP 600 times at the beginning of the disease, once every 7 days, continuously spray 2-3 times.
It is best to carry out rotation for more than 3 years with non-legume crops; seed disinfection, soaking in warm water for 4-5 hours, then immersing in 55 °C warm water for 5 minutes, then cooling in cold water, drying and sowing.

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