How to install ceiling lamp? How to install ceiling lights

How to install ceiling lamp? Compared with chandeliers, ceiling lamps are more robust when used. Therefore, from a safety perspective, many households tend to install ceiling lamps. However, how do you install ceiling lamps? Many people have such questions. Next, listen to experts on this site to introduce us to how to install ceiling lamps.

First of all, the installation of ceiling lamps should pay attention to the preparation of tools, because different families have different structures of the roof, if you install ceiling lamps in the masonry structure, this time it is best to use embedded bolts, or use expansion bolts, nylon Plugs or plastic plugs are fixed; wooden wedges must not be used. In addition, the carrying capacity of the above-mentioned fixing member should be matched with the weight of the ceiling lamp. This will make the ceiling lamp more firmly installed.

Second, some materials can not be installed above the ceiling lamp, such as combustibles, some families in order to use the plywood paint lining behind the ceiling lamp, in fact, this has a great security risk, so in this The insulation must be taken in the link; if the surface of the lamp is close to combustibles, heat insulation or heat dissipation measures must be taken. Otherwise, it will cause security problems in the family.

Once again, when installing ceiling lamps, attention must be paid to details. For example, in the process of installation, you must find someone to help yourself, such as helping yourself to support the ladder, etc., and be sure to take it seriously during installation. Make sure that every screw on the ceiling lamp is not missing.

How to install ceiling lamps? How to install ceiling lamps? The experts of this website have introduced us to us in three aspects. I believe we will all benefit from it. What I have to say is that there are still many things to pay attention to when installing ceiling lamps. I would like to know more about this information. You can log on to this site to learn more. Here we don't have a specific introduction and explanation.

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