Large-scale combine harvester intelligent technology breaks the monopoly possession of over 1.5 million units

In the development of large-scale high-efficiency, multi-functional and intelligent control, the combine harvester in China has the lack of intelligent technology such as the increase of feed volume, adaptability of various crops, automatic control of operation quality, and the national 863 led by the Agricultural Equipment Industry Technology Alliance. We plan a major project of “Intelligent Agricultural Machinery Technology and Equipment” and carry out research on intelligent technology of large-scale combine harvesters.

Researchers aim at crops with typical characteristics of wheat, rice, rapeseed, and soybeans, and use automation technology to improve harvesting efficiency, multi-purpose utilization, and reduce unremoved loss. In order to fill the gaps in crop harvesting machinery, blank parameters, operation process and quality intelligent monitoring Significant progress has been made in the application of intelligent technology for large combine harvesters.

It is understood that the project has broken through the key common technologies such as micro-geomorphic self-control profiled wide headers, low damage gradient threshing separation, high-throughput material efficient screening and low-loss grain clean airflow cleaning; developed different varieties of combine harvesters Intelligent fuzzy control methods and systems for multi-factor operating parameters, such as different time zones and different climatic conditions, provide decision-making basis for intelligent control; develop intelligent control method and device for load-feedback fuel-saving and energy-saving control of constant working speed of combine harvester Fuel utilization rate; developed multi-target parameter sensing and high suitability operation quality intelligent control system for combined harvester forward speed, threshing drum rotation speed, separation concave plate gap, fan speed, integrated automatic navigation, fault diagnosis, process detection, The bus technology such as parameter control is applied to the 10kg/s large-scale grain combine harvester, making it the largest feedstock with the highest level of feed and intelligence in China. It can realize automatic driving, automatic fault detection and early warning, and loss. Monitoring, performance control, online measurement and other functions, and mainstream technology in the world

At present, the number of combine harvesters in China exceeds 1.5 million units, and the annual production and sales volume is about 300,000 units. The demand for intelligent technology upgrade is urgent. The technical radiation of this project provides technical support for the upgrade of China's combine harvesters.

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