Latest brick price list users questioned: Can tile prices determine the quality of tiles?

Floor tiles are one of the indispensable building materials for decoration. Its hard texture, wear resistance, no water seepage, easy to clean, after glazed treatment, can decorate the room very well. When buying floor tiles, the price list of home decoration tiles is a matter of concern for many people. The same thing may be very expensive for people you buy. However, many people may have encountered this situation. Now I no longer have to worry about it. Here I will shop around and arrange a full list of floor tiles for everyone so that you can see the prices of various floor tiles at a glance. Hope to help friends who have this need!

Tile type

Glazed tile of floor tile type: The classification of floor tile is mainly based on the surface material and composition of the floor tile. Glazed tile refers to tiles with a water absorption rate of 3% to 10%. This floor tile is made of clay, quartz and feldspar. Made of, this type of floor tile has a better anti-slip effect and is a floor tile that is more commonly used in the bathroom.

Ceramic tiles of the type of floor tiles: The water absorption of the porcelain floor tiles is slightly lower, below 0.5%, the surface is relatively smooth, this floor tile is better to clean, it looks relatively clean and comfortable, generally the bedroom, the living room It is more suitable to use this kind of floor tile.

Floor tiles of the type of parquet tiles: parquet floor tiles I believe we are all familiar with, that is, a few tiles can spell out a good-looking pattern, and now many public places will use this kind of floor tiles, looks more comfortable, many people customize the floor tiles It is also possible to transform the pattern into its own logo. This type of floor tile is now also used for home floor tiles.


Tile price

The low-priced floor tiles are generally common and belong to the commonly used type. The price of one slice is between five and fifty yuan. For a little bit more expensive, the price of a piece of floor tile is probably between 100 yuan and 300 yuan.

Some tiles with special materials or larger specifications will be very expensive, ranging from RMB 300 to RMB 1,000. This floor tile is of good quality and unique design. The stitching pattern is very artistic and the overall effect is excellent. For certain specific occasions. The price of floor tiles varies greatly and can be purchased according to the actual situation.


2015 Latest Brick Price List

Louvre living room tiles 800 * 800 79 yuan / block

Louvre full glazed tiles living room floor tiles 800 * 800 339 yuan / block

Louvre wood grain brick background wall 900*600 82 yuan/block

Louvre full glazed anti-slip floor tiles 600*600 59 yuan/block

Mona Lisa ceramic decorative thin porcelain painting spiders and flies 1689 yuan/piece

Modern minimalist living room TV background wall tile carving culture 75 yuan/piece

Mona Lisa tile ceramic decoration painted in the woodland rose 1600 yuan / frame

Mona Lisa tile ceramic decorative painting fruit sketch 1500 yuan / frame

The new source of microcrystalline V7 marble tiles 173 yuan / block

The new source of marble microcrystalline jade tiles 148 yuan / block

New source of thin microcrystalline antique brick 117 yuan / block

The new source of ceramic V8 series of microcrystalline 186 yuan / block

Note: This price is for reference only! Due to geographical differences, of course, the price will be different. For more details on the prices, please refer to the local distributors!

Editor's summary: The above is the 2015 latest brick price list users questioned: Tile prices can determine the quality of the tiles related to the introduction, hoping to help meet the needs of the friends! For more information, please continue to follow our website, follow-up will show more exciting content. You can also purchase more of your favorite products on Qijia Mall!

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