Netizens conclude home decoration lighting selection principle

The current lighting market is very large and large. Friends who have been there will have such experience. Not only will there be enough time for the selection of lights, but also enough physical strength. Look up and look forward. The glorious light on top of your head will make you dazzled from a moment. Nothing seemed to be right, and Venus sloppy ended.

In fact, the lighting lighting has been together with the room color, style, texture and other factors, has become an indispensable part of the interior design, and not an afterthought. Therefore, before decorating the living room, it is necessary to negotiate with the designer to agree on lighting solutions. First, there is ample time to select the appropriate lighting fixtures, and secondly, to the market, it goes straight to the topic.

There are friends who have gone through the renovation wars, and they have a lot of experience in selecting lamps and lanterns. The summing-up experience is really delicious.

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Should not be easy to simplify

Now the lamps and lanterns are really getting more and more beautiful, the kind of palace-style carved hollow chandelier lines delicate, exquisite carving; modern shape, seven, nine lotus flowers lined up, orderly, realistic petals ... but too complicated or even The complicated styling will have a feeling of overwhelming and depressing for a small-sized apartment. With the air drying in the north, the dust will be too large and the complicated lighting will be very troublesome to clean. Modern people advocating simplicity, lighting is the same, simple does not mean simple, simple style is often more flavor of the times, coupled with a strong texture of the metal color, really is the finishing touch.

Convenience and security

It's just normal that light bulbs are broken, and changing the ceiling light bulbs is no longer a problem. The ceiling dwarfs fortunately to say that if it is a little high, the light stepping on a stool is still out of reach, climbs the ladder to climb high, raises the head, removes the lampshade and does not place it, and has a helper to help... so when selecting the ceiling light, , Must consider changing the light bulb is convenient and inconvenient, if the room is high enough, the chandelier is a good choice. But to ask about the diameter of the lamp holder, some non-standard calibers cannot use energy-saving bulbs. In addition, because of the large moisture and humidity in kitchens and bathrooms, the waterproofing of lamps must also be considered.

Coordination and Unity

Lamps complement the design of the entire home, so they must be coordinated in style to be able to respond to each other. Many people like to decorate in the aisle or living room with iron products. For example, there are wrought iron flower rods on the glass door, wrought iron clocks on the wall, wrought iron dining tables and chairs are also very beautiful, if accompanied by a chandelier made of iron pipe material. The effect will be very good; while the room with golden handles and golden spotlights, the golden decorative lights are very suitable. The current room is a room with multiple lights, but also pay attention to the same style, color and style of the same indoor lighting.

The most direct function of the effect and mood light is lighting, but it is a university to ask the light to properly reflect our daily life. For example, desk lamps, different options, projection effects and mood will produce a lot of changes: sheepskin lampshade and Japanese paper lampshade texture is relatively light and transparent, light soft and elegant; and imitation mahogany and Rosin jade combined lampshade can turn light into Light yellow, matched with mahogany furniture, antique, can also become a unique decorative items and furnishings complement and foil. The Roman-style metal table lamps, itself a miniature sculpture, is quite artistic.

Make the most of your imagination and let the lamps decorate your home.

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