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1. China and the United States: Ministry of Commerce: Chinese and US heads of state will witness the signing of important business results; $253.5 billion! During Trump's visit to China, Chinese and American companies signed "big orders". 2. The United States: The United States announced that it has tightened several facilitation measures against Cuba's policy; Trump's long-term bodyguard Congress passed the investigation and testified that Trump is in Moscow. When Russia wanted to provide Trump with 5 women to the special room, he refused. 3. The stock market: Longwei Media and Zhao Wei Huang Youlong were punished by the Securities and Futures Commission for five years. The IPO was severely shocked by the investment banking circle: there was a project team. Consider dissolving and worrying about suspects. 4. Enterprises: Goldman Sachs Group and China Investment Corporation will set up a $5 billion industrial cooperation fund; Qualcomm and Xiaomi, OPPO and vivo signed an agreement to purchase $12 billion; China Datang and other three companies signed with GE US$3.5 billion agreement; AVIC equipment and Boeing signed 300 aircraft agreements worth US$37 billion. 5. Finance: Long-term borrowing chaos: Some people borrow more than 30 platforms for one year. 6. Technology: Apple is developing independent display AR head-mounted equipment was first listed in 2020. 7. Real estate: Fuzhou's first suite interest rate is up to 20%. The second suite is up 40%. After the house owner sells a house, he is sentenced to compensation for more than 300 million due to rising house prices. 8. Society: Shanghai Police Responding to the "Ctrip Parent-Child Park Incident": 3 people were arrested; Liaoning transporter robbery case announced that the money-carrying driver snatched 6 million and was sentenced to 15 years; Beijing Metro's current two-dimensional code beggar traffic law enforcement team said it is investigating 9. Sports: U19 Asian Youth Championship 16 teams produced Jia Xiuquan rate Guoqing all wins the line; British media exposure Mu Shuai name to buy Barcelona's main breach of contract 60 million super value 10, the weather: cold air strong hit North China Northeast and other local cooling will be super 10 °C11, life has no perfect ending, no one's road is flat, there are countless hardships and persistence behind the success of glory, so when you encounter the adversity of life, you must agree that this is a rare Experience is an inevitable process. When you go uphill, be sure to bow your head, so that you will walk steady; when you go downhill, be sure to head up so that you don't wrestle. Whether it is an uphill road or a downhill road, it is a road we must go through. No matter what stage we are in, we need a calm and a safe. Note: This newsletter is jointly edited by Yuanfa [China Superhard Materials Network] [China Abrasives Network] [China Coated Abrasives Network]

The product is used in mining sites in the transport belt. D evice constitutes a variety of program options to meet a variety of electrical control requirement of belt conveyor, the exception of the conveyor necessary position, but also has control function of locking and on-line with other apparatus.
Intelligent belt-conveyor main control console is the core control devices of the system which used advanced technology and reliable performance of the Programmable Controller, a sound process to deal with all transport requirements, the operation status display has adopted the touch type colored LCD of DIGITAL Company's production. Remote networking system can transport various operation states to the dispatching room and other places to monitor.

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