Oscillating bearings are not the same as ordinary bearings

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Oscillating bearings are not the same as ordinary bearings

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1. Appearance characteristic oscillation bearing:
A. The diameter of the roll body is increased; the length of the roll body is increased.
B. Hold the frame by the outer ring rib to guide the roller; reduce the force on the roller.
C. Use the inner ring rib to guide the roller; improve the roller operation.
D. The cylindrical roller bearing adheres to the frame with an integral layout; the strength is greatly improved.
E. The outer diameter of the aligning bearing is depicted with oil groove oil hole; smooth effect is good.
Usually bearings:
A. The roller body diameter and the roll length are both small.
B. Stick to the roller or inner ring guide.
C. The cylindrical roller bearing adheres to the rivet layout; it is easy to loosen and cover.
D. The outer diameter of the aligning bearing has no oil groove oil hole; the smoothing effect is poor.
2. Select the special bearing for data oscillation:
A. The inner and outer rings and the rolling body are made of vacuum degassing bearing steel; the fatigue resistance is good.
B. Adhere to the selection of aluminum iron manganese bronze data; high strength; good elasticity; better wear resistance.
Usually bearings:
A. The inner and outer rings and the rolling body are usually made of bearing steel.
B. Adhere to the selection of zinc brass raw materials; low strength; poor elasticity.
3, heat treatment method oscillation special bearings:
A. The inner and outer rings are selected from Bay-Machine mixed quenching or Martens quenching + high temperature tempering; the hardness is uniform; the internal stress is 蝗 茫豢 茫豢 茫豢 寤骱 寤骱 寤骱 寤骱.
B. When working within 150C temperature; good stability.
Usually bearings:
The inner and outer rings are usually quenched; the resistance is poor; the impact resistance and oscillation function are poor; the thermal stability is not good.
4. Special bearings for public service and production process oscillation:
A. Strictly produced according to P6 precision specifications; special inner and outer diameter public service is very small.
B. The roll scales are different from each other ≤ 0. 002
C. The outer diameter of the cylindrical roller has a convexity; it prevents stress from collecting.
D. Tumbled surface super fine treatment; high finish.
Usually bearings:
A. Usually PO level precision public service (some P6 level specifications) production.
B. Roller grouping ≤ 0. 005.
C. Cylindrical roller without convexity practice.
D. Some raceways are only polished; the finish is low.
5. Special bearings for internal clearance oscillation:
The clearance is produced according to the demand of the oscillating machinery; the scale control is on a small scale; the consistency is good.
Usually bearings:
The play is usually produced according to the specification group or the C3 group; the clearance or the 蚴 段 螅 螅 螅 肷 (12) source.
6, the use of special bearings for oscillation:
Low noise; temperature rise. 榷ㄐ院茫皇褂 倜ぃ 倜ぃ 倜ぃ 缙谄 缙谄 窒 窒 @ drag 窒.
Usually bearings:
High noise; elevated temperature; poor stability; short service life; early fatigue appearance.
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