Popular cabinet accessories let the kitchen go to the fashion front

When purchasing cabinets, in addition to considering the material of the door panels and countertops, and the layout of their own kitchens, it is necessary to consider whether or not to add some more popular accessories in the cabinets so that their kitchens will not fall behind within a few years.

Drawer dividers

The use of storage compartment dividers in drawers not only accommodates multiple storage tanks, allowing them to be in their place, but also has enough space for sorting and placing Other items.

Up and down glass sliding door

The use of the upper and lower glass sliding doors in the cabinets allows the kitchen items to be stored and placed freely, beautiful objects may be displayed, and other things are blocked by the glass to prevent dust.

Concave drawer basket

The space under the sink is very large, but the empty utilization rate is often not high. Because there are pipes, it is not convenient to put the shelves. To lay the things orderly, we must use this concave drawer pull basket, concave mouth to avoid Pipes, wide drawers make picking more convenient.

Trash can next to the sink

With the leaves and cores of the vegetables that have been washed and thrown, they are put into the trash can next to the sink. The hygiene is not easy to smell, and the shape matches the feeling of the double flutes and becomes a bright spot on the table.

Hanging wine bottle cabinet

The way that wine is suitable for storage is to put it horizontally. For alcoholic families, hanging wine cabinets hanging from the wall so that the wine is stored safely and beautifully, and it is easy to get it, there is a kind of country estate feel.

Pulling the faucet

When cooking, temporarily add some water, do not have to take a bowl of water, directly pull the pull-type faucet to the front of the pot, want to add more or less. If the sink is near the window, you can also bend the entire faucet to avoid it when opening or closing the window, suitable for a small space kitchen.

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