"Promoting the spirit of artisans and arguing as a Chinese craftsman" Huajing Company's 2017 Production System Skills Competition is the perfect ending

On December 9, 2017, Zhengzhou Huajing Diamond Co., Ltd.'s 2017 Production System Skills Competition was successfully concluded after five days of exciting competition. The theme of this skill contest is to promote the spirit of craftsmanship and strive to be a master of Huajing. It aims to create a good learning atmosphere that promotes learning, promotes competition, and promotes competition. Spirit has become an important support for Huajing diamond culture. 1513844843226476.png This skill contest is divided into team competitions, individual competitions, raw materials, purification, assembly, synthesis, selection, auxiliary materials, single crystal processing and other workshop competitions. Huajing Company has a rich competition project for frontline employees. The quality of each has been reviewed.
At 9 o'clock on the morning of December 5, the production skill contest was first opened in the raw material workshop of the single crystal business unit. The raw material workshop competition is to suppress the graphite column team competition and the quality inspection graphite column individual competition. Employees are eager to try before the game. Subsequent workshops, assembly workshops, synthesis and selection workshops also carried out group and individual skill competitions. Among them, the atmosphere of the assembly workshop is particularly enthusiastic. The assembly workshop competition project is divided into two parts: assembly preheating block team competition and assembly conductive card individual competition. At the beginning of the competition, the participating employees immediately put into a state of intense and orderly competition. They calmed down in the operation, coped with ease, and were skilled and orderly. They won the applause of the audience with their solid basic skills and excellent performance. The game pushed the atmosphere to a climax. 1513844880771043.png The participating members passed the five-point squad, and after a fierce and intense competition, they entered the finals to compete for the top three. In this skill competition, a total of 4 group first prizes, 3 group second prizes, 3 group first prizes, 7 individual third prizes, 7 individual second prizes, and 8 individual first prizes were selected.
On December 15th, the company organized the 2017 Annual Production System Skills Competition Awards Conference. At the commendation meeting, Qi Rentai, general manager of Huajing's large single crystal business unit, and Liu Guangli, director of the single crystal business unit, delivered a wonderful speech. Zhang Chaowei, deputy general manager, Zhang Zhao, chairman of the board of supervisors, and Zhang Jianhua, deputy general manager, attended the commendation meeting and presented honorary certificates and bonuses to the award-winning employees. 1513844905822251.png Finally, Zhang Zhao, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors of Huajing, summed up the theme of this skill contest. Mr. Zhang expressed the hope that the employees who are commended will continue to carry forward the spirit of craftsmanship, forge ahead, and give full play to the role of model. The majority of employees should take their role as an example, stand on their posts and strive to improve their skills and quality. All departments should further improve their job skills training, strengthen their practice and training, and strive to build a team of skilled, high-quality and well-equipped craftsmen. Make new contributions to the company's sustainable development! This skill competition and commendation conference is another starting point for Huajing Company to strengthen corporate culture. Huajing Company has always attached great importance to cultivating high-quality and high-skilled professional and technical personnel to create Huajing's characteristic craftsman spirit culture, focusing on improving professional skills and continuously meeting the new requirements of the company's technology and process innovation development. In the future, Huajing will continue to strengthen the construction of learning teams, improve the training system, improve the operational skills of employees, give full play to the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of employees, and achieve the common development of the company and employees!

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