Renovation Guide: The hidden works in the decoration are not sloppy

The most important items contained in the renovation and concealment project are the water supply and drainage project and the wire and cable engineering, as well as the floor base and the partition base, among which the hydropower project is particularly important. Although this is the decoration company's livelihood, but as your home, related to personal safety, property safety issues, must not be sloppy!

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1. Drainage concealment works

Water pipeline leaks

PP-R pipe installation layout should be reasonable, horizontal and vertical, and pay attention to the pipeline shall not be close to the power supply, and the distance between the shortest distance from the power supply is 0.2 cm, the connection between the pipeline and the sanitary appliance must be close, and no leakage can be found through the water test.

Whether the surface drainage is smooth

Toilets and kitchens are the main places for drainage, so the ground leveling should have a certain slope (2%) to ensure that water collects on the ground into natural water flow and eventually flows to the floor drain. However, it should be noted that the gradient cannot be overemphasized for the sake of smooth water flow, because the slope is over-sloped, which can affect the aesthetics and non-slippage.

Waterproof layer waterproofness is good

Kitchen and back walls are higher than other rooms in terms of waterproof requirements. Waterproof paint should be brushed to 1.8 meters high, and other rooms should be 0.3 meters high.

2. Wire and cable works

Is the PVC pipe connection tight?

Power lines must wear PVC pipes when they are embedded in walls, ceilings, floors, or floors. There should be no kinks in the pipes. The bent position of the wire protection tube should use the matching elbow tool or matching elbow, and there should be no folds.

PVC pipe protection

After the ground circuit is laid, wood shall be placed on both sides of the laid PVC pipe, or slope shall be made with cement mortar to prevent the PVC pipe from being walked over due to walking back and forth during the construction of the worker. The distance between strong and weak electricity should be about 50 centimeters to reduce the electromagnetic interference between them and prevent accidents.

3. Ground floor

Mainly to see whether the ground cement leveling layer is qualified: First, the uneven place of the original room should be paved with cement mortar. In addition, the kitchen and bathroom should have slope, and the slope is very particular.

Finally, we talk about the problem of the grassroots wall. One is whether Baozhu uses red brick walls or cement pull plates. Usually, the construction process requires that the pillars of the kitchen and bathroom rooms must use red brick walls, and reserve the observation port, the size must be consistent with the actual, easy to repair in the future; second is whether to do cement coating processing: increase the contact surface of the tiles, and enhance Friction makes the tile more secure.

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