Research on Reasonable Configuration of Video Conferencing System

With the continuous advancement of informatization construction, remote video conference systems based on the Internet have been rapidly popularized and developed in all walks of life in China. Many enterprises and institutions have established videoconferencing systems. Therefore, they often conduct remote training and daily regular meetings through video conferences. For example, teleconferencing through video conferencing can not only save the company's overhead, but also improve the efficiency of the company's implementation. It can be described as a “two shots, but some users will encounter some problems in the debugging of the video conferencing system during the video conference. , And some of these problems can be resolved on their own, and some because of the lack of professional tune-up knowledge, the problems encountered may directly affect the use of video conferencing systems, so how do we solve these problems and make full use of video conferencing? Become the most concerned issue of our debugging video conference.

1, MCU server configuration

The MCU server is the core of the video conference system. The data of the system needs to be transmitted through the MCU server. Therefore, the performance of the MCU server largely determines the performance of the entire video conference system. In the video conference application, we usually need to watch multiple video at the same time, and the video data will occupy a lot of bandwidth. Therefore, if all participants switch multi-channel video, the MCU server will receive a large number of transmissions. The data may even cause bandwidth bottlenecks in the MCU server. However, if the traffic bottleneck occurs, the video that the terminal switches will appear to be unsmooth. When this problem is encountered, we can reduce the number of video switching channels. Or increase the bandwidth from the MCU server to the main MCU server to increase the MCU server's data throughput.

2, network configuration

Videoconferencing network configuration is also a key point for video conference debugging. Generally, enterprises will be equipped with network firewalls or routers, and network firewalls or routers can be used to access and protect intranet machines. Therefore, in the videoconferencing network configuration, we The MCU server can be accessed by the Intranet machine. Firewalls and routers need to be configured accordingly. For example, the DMZ neutral zone, port open, and port mapping can be established. By configuring the firewall and router, the video conference system can smoothly transmit the required data. .

3, peripheral configuration

The configuration of the external equipment is the most critical during the entire video conference debugging. The debugging of the external equipment of the video conference involves more professional knowledge. Therefore, whether the external equipment is successfully debugged is a key factor to make full use of the video conference. In the article "What are the main contents of videoconferencing peripheral equipment?" we can understand what external equipment includes in videoconferencing. For each type of external equipment, we need to have corresponding debugging methods. Only put these different external devices. All equipment debugging is good, we can use these external devices to improve the video conference system utilization efficiency, so as to give full play to the video conference system.

In summary, during the process of using the video conference system, we need to perform operations such as MCU server configuration, network configuration, and external device configuration. Only if these operations can be successfully completed can we achieve the goal of making full use of the video conference system.

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