Selina's fiancé announced on August 5th wedding arrangements for 6 wedding rooms

SHE member Selina Ren Jiaxiu entered the countdown to the wedding, and his fiancé Zhang Chengzhong finally retired, stating that the wedding date will be announced on August 5 at the earliest. In an interview with reporters yesterday, the staff of Huayan International stated that the specific time of marriage is still announced by the two themselves. Please wait for the good news together.

Selina's fiancé announced on August 5th wedding 6 style wedding room Raiders

Selina public wedding on August 5

Selina's fiancé Zhang Chengzhong revealed that he is inclined to publicize the wedding on Weibo on the 5th of this month. In an interview with reporters, the staff of Huayan International stated that Selina is now active in rehabilitation, but the knees can be maintained for several tens of seconds at most. Fortunately, she has been able to act slyly, for the knees to say goodbye to their parents' actions. It is expected that there will be a total of 90 tables when relatives and friends add up to each other. According to Daddy, he has reduced the number of guests and he is currently determined by Hebe and Ella as bridesmaid.

Selina's fiancé announced on August 5th wedding 6 style wedding room Raiders

Hebe does not disclose details

SHE's good sister, Hebe, said that they should be jointly announced by Selina that they are currently actively preparing for the wedding. The content and time are really inconvenient to disclose. Asked how Selina's injury? Hebe still wanted to say good things to his sister Selina or continue to work hard.

Selina's fiancé announced on August 5th wedding 6 style wedding room Raiders

The book written by the fiance

In June of this year, Zhang Chengzhong wrote in his book, "Choose Your Country Girl Selina, God". This book, I will give it to Selina, and you are guilty of it. Everyone knows you and you know that you are timid, love the beauty, cry, be afraid of pain, and be optimistic. The appearance of God taking away some of your appearance allows you to show that "inner beauty can transcend external defects," and "life can only be optimistic about everything, whether it makes sense or not." Tsai Kang-yung said that he saw this book to see tears, and the book was the best testimony of their feelings.

Marriage is the beginning of a lifetime of happiness. From knowing each other, to entering the marriage hall, the sweetness of love and the happiness of love must be integrated into the atmosphere of marriage. Newly married, nature can not neglect the decoration of the room. Sweet, romantic, playful... What kind of bride are you in? Take your seat and find your favorite wedding room design.

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