Shaanxi Construction Machinery's new paver successfully constructed

Recently, Shaanxi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.'s new off-line product SUM720YS asphalt concrete paver was first paved with 6.5cm thick asphalt mixture in Shayang County, Jingmen City, Hubei Province. Its reliable performance and paving quality have been affirmed by users. .

Hunchun County Chengxin Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., which purchased this SUM720YS paver, is an old user of Shaanxi Machinery. After attending the company's product launch conference at the end of March this year, the company once again purchased a new SUM720YS paver from Shaanxi Construction Machinery.

The SUM720YS asphalt concrete paver has a basic paving width of 2.55~5 meters and a maximum paving width of 7.5 meters. It is equipped with a single hammer gas heating hydraulic telescopic screed. The paving width can be changed in real time to adapt to the joint construction of the intersection. Its high-strength tamper and hydraulic vibration combination can meet the paving requirements of higher density; Intelligent electronically controlled gas heating system and ultrasonic automatic leveling system can achieve ideal paving flatness and uniformity; its 15 ton large capacity hopper makes continuous paving operation longer and easier to construct; its intelligent operating system and telescopic ceiling The configuration also increases the comfort of the operator in hot weather, providing assurance from all sides of the paving quality.

The successful construction of the SUM720YS paver marks that Shaanxi Jianshe Machinery has successfully entered the market with a high-end paver, which has been recognized by customers and greatly enhanced the market competitiveness of the company's series of pavement construction machinery products.

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