Shower Installation Step Shower Installation Notes

At present, most households in China use surface mounted showers, while the audience of concealed showers is abroad. So first of all, make sure whether the shower you purchased is a wall-mounted or a concealed one. The wall-mounted shower tube is installed outside the wall, while the copper tube with concealed shower is installed in the wall, only the top spray, and the hot and cold water switch handle.

Shower installation steps

1. Find the shower connector's eccentric joint and connect it with the embedded outlet pipe connector. Note that the distance between the eccentric connector and the wall outlet should be controlled at about 15cm.

2. The second step is to assemble the outlet pipe of the outcrop body and the main body. At this time, use a raw material tape to wrap the thread, and then place the main body shower faucet at the outlet with a screw butt joint.

3. The third step is to install the shower bar and faucet together on the eccentric joint. Pay attention to the middle of the nut and eccentric joint behind the sealing faucet.

4, the last step, the shower top spray installed on the top of the shower pipe bend position, and then use the stainless steel hose to connect the main body and hand shower on the line.

Shower installation precautions

In the installation of the shower, it should be noted that the cold and hot water supply pipes must not be installed incorrectly. The common shower is generally facing the hot water supply pipe on the left side of the faucet and the cold water supply pipe on the right side. Some showers have special logos. After the shower is installed, remove the bubbler, shower, etc., and easily block the accessories so that the water can completely remove the impurities in the pipe. Be sure to keep the tools attached to the faucet for future maintenance. Do not use a wrench or tape to tighten it directly by hand when removing and installing the water inlet hose.

Shower installation

When installing the shower, it is necessary to take into account the family's living habits. Do not install the shower too high. This can be very inconvenient in practical use. At the same time, care must be taken not to install the shower in too low a position and to prevent children from playing. Bad. The main consideration in the selection of the installation height of the shower is to make the family comfortable and convenient. There is no mandatory height requirement. The showers on the market are basically installed. It is very simple to install in the home. We can choose the shower installation height according to the needs.

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