Sino-Singapore Eco-Smart Grid is now completed

Today, the smart grid project of the China-Singapore Eco-city is fully completed, and 12 subprojects such as smart community, electric vehicle charging station, and distributed power access have been fully completed.

The smart grid is the basic model of the next-generation global power grid and the core of China’s power grid modernization. The smart grid is based on an integrated, high-speed two-way communication network. It uses advanced sensing and measurement technologies, advanced equipment technologies, advanced control methods, and advanced decision support system technologies to achieve reliable and secure power grids. , economy, efficiency, environmental friendliness, and safety goals. Sino-Singapore Eco-Smart Grid construction specifically covers distributed power access, energy storage systems, smart grid equipment integrated condition monitoring systems, smart substations, distribution automation, power quality monitoring and control, power consumption information collection systems, smart power communities / Construction of buildings, electric vehicle charging facilities, communication information network, smart grid operation visualization platform, and smart business hall.

At the northwest side of the intersection of Central Avenue and Hemu Road in the Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City, the Yongdingzhou Electric Vehicle Charging Station has been completed. The charging station is a joint project between the charging station and the bus station. The planned station area is 4,000 square meters, including a 2×630 kV substation, 12 DC charging piles and 4 AC charging piles. There are eight large-sized vehicles, four medium-sized vehicles, and seventeen ordinary vehicles.

The Smart Electricity Community in the Eco-city will realize seven functions: smart meter, grid automation, fiber-to-the-home, smart power, electric vehicle charging, home appliance remote monitoring and self-service payment. The smart community will integrate modern technologies and build multiple systems to meet the electricity needs of residents. Residents have two meters in their homes, one for electricity and one for electricity. In the future, residents can use the distributed grid access technology to store energy during the low time period and upload it to the grid during peak hours to earn a difference. You can also install photovoltaics, wind power, and other power generation equipment at home. You can also upload electricity to your power company. At the same time, the fiber-to-the-home of electricity can also promote "triple play", and in the near future, the Internet, radio and television networks, and telecom networks will realize "triple play" and further facilitate residents.

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