Soberfi was shortlisted in the top 30 smart lock brands!

HC Security Reuters joint Chinese Academy of intellectual equipment by the HC intelligent home network sponsored by the smart home industry in 2017 China Summit Forum event brand in the online voting stage at 18:00 on September 4th, 2017 officially ended a whole.

After careful preparation by the organizing committee, the selection activities have attracted the attention of many people in the industry since the beginning. Each participating brand has staged a fierce and fierce competition for the top 30, after a month of fierce fight for the top 30 list. Freshly baked, "Sauberfi" was shortlisted in the top 30 smart lock brands!

Soberfair builds a lock with a mature mindset, inherits Germany's advanced lock-up experience and wisdom, and combines Germany's advanced lock-making technology with China's long-standing culture to create a lock of wisdom that perfectly rivals the honeycomb structure. Philippine has various conditions for independent research and development, and has obtained dozens of national patents covering core components, structural processes, designs, and software copyrights. Sobefi's original parts are rigorously tested and then entered into production assembly. The company is equipped with a series of special testing equipment such as aging test room, lock life automatic test machine, high and low temperature tester, torque test, electronic test and vibration test. The products produced are also tested in layers before being put on the market.

Adhering to the innovative spirit of “pursuing excellence”, SOBOFE expects that every aspect of the future world will infiltrate its products, and fingerprint technology solutions will create the necessary balance in a more prosperous economy and more efficient work. I hope that with the excellent performance of fingerprint technology solutions, the pace of fingerprint recognition will continue to advance.

Soberfi was shortlisted in the top 30 smart lock brands!

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