Solar Panel Applications

Solar Panel Applications 1. User solar power supply: (1) Small-sized power supplies ranging from 10-100W, for use in remote and electricity-free areas such as the plateau, islands, pastoral areas, frontier guard posts and other military and civilian life, such as lighting, television, and tape recorders; (2)3 -5KW rooftop grid-connected power generation system for households; (3) Photovoltaic water pumps: Resolve drinking and irrigation of deep-water wells in areas without electricity.

2. Traffic areas: such as navigation lights, traffic / railway lights, traffic warning / sign lights, Yuxiang street lights, high altitude obstacle lights, highway / railway wireless telephone booths, unattended channel class power supply.

3. Communications/Communications: Solar unmanned microwave relay stations, fiber optic cable maintenance stations, radio/communications/paging power systems, rural carrier telephony photovoltaic systems, small communicators, soldier GPS power supplies, etc.

4. Petroleum, marine and meteorological fields: Cathodic protection solar power systems for petroleum pipelines and reservoir gates, life and emergency power sources for oil drilling platforms, marine detection equipment, and meteorological/hydrological observation equipment.

5. Lamp power: such as garden lights, street lights, portable lights, camping lights, mountaineering lights, fishing lights, black lights, tapping lights, energy-saving lamps.

6. Photovoltaic power station: 10KW-50MW independent photovoltaic power station, scenery (Chai) complementary power station, various large parking plant charging stations and so on.

7. Solar building: The combination of solar power and building materials will enable future large-scale construction to achieve electricity self-sufficiency, which is a major development direction in the future.

8. Other areas include: (1) supporting with automobiles: solar-powered cars/electric vehicles, battery charging equipment, automotive air-conditioning, ventilation fans, cold drink boxes, etc.; (2) regenerative power generation systems for solar hydrogen-fueled fuel cells; (3) seawater Dilution equipment power supply; (4) satellites, spacecraft, space solar power stations.

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