The advantages of aluminum profiles and traditional manufacturing materials

【China Aluminum Industry Network】 Aluminum profiles are aluminum materials that have different cross-sectional shapes through hot-melting, extrusion, and aluminum rods. So what are the advantages of aluminum profiles compared with traditional machinery manufacturing materials?

The use of high-strength industrial extruded aluminum profiles has the following advantages compared to traditional machine-building materials such as carbon steel and stainless steel:

1. The production process is simple: it only needs to be designed, cut/drilled, and assembled; and the traditional materials usually have to undergo complex processes such as design, cutting/drilling, welding, sandblasting/surface treatment, and surface spraying.

2. Materials can be reused: Since the parts using industrial aluminum profiles are not heat-welded during the entire production process, the parts can be easily disassembled, all materials and accessories can be reused, while the traditional materials are deformed due to cutting and high Factors such as the cost of frontal dismantling are rarely used repeatedly.

3. Save man-hours: Because the production process is simple, it can save a lot of man-hours cost; especially when rework due to production errors, it can save several times of man-hours than using traditional materials.

4. High production accuracy: As the production process does not experience thermal welding, the material has no deformation, so the assembly accuracy is high; while the use of traditional materials for thermal welding is inevitable deformation, which affects the accuracy of the final assembly.

5. Gorgeous appearance: The appearance of equipment using industrial aluminum profiles is more modern, and its unique anodized coating is more stable and stable than the existing coating methods.

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