The kitchen does not have a window How to decorate the kitchen No window How to resolve feng shui

We all want the cooking room in our home to be spacious and bright. But if there is no window in the cooking room, then how should it be renovated? How does the kitchen window feng shui solve? I believe these problems must be plagued by many friends of the owners who have such houses. The following Xiao Bian will share with you on these issues, hoping to help the friends of the owners who have this need.

How to decorate a kitchen without a window

If the kitchen in your home does not have windows, lighting and ventilation will be greatly affected, which will affect the mood of cooking. Xiao Bian suggested that everyone make the kitchen open. This can not only improve the lighting and ventilation of the kitchen, but also increase the taste of cooking. However, open kitchens are more popular with young people. If the people who love cooking are not like.

How to decorate the kitchen without windows

If there is no window in the cooking room, in order to improve its lighting, we should use light colored tiles to decorate the wall and the ground. If you choose a dark tile, it will look darker. Xiao Bian suggests that you choose white or beige tiles to visually fill the light.

How to decorate the kitchen without windows

The door of the cooking room is a window that is connected with the outside world. We can use a toughened glass sliding door to improve the lighting and create a good cooking atmosphere. There are many kinds of toughened glass doors in the market today. We should not buy cheaper products. We must purchase products with external packaging, brands, sites, and certificates. Products that are not packaged should not be selected.

How to decorate the kitchen without windows

The cooking room is a place for cooking and cooking, and the fumes are relatively large. Therefore, it is very necessary to buy a large-displacement hood. In addition, in order to improve the air quality of the kitchen, it is better to follow an exhaust fan, place some plants that can absorb oil smoke, and take away the plants that are helium, so that we can resolve the problem of excess fumes in the kitchen.

Kitchen no window feng shui how to resolve

There is no window in the cooking room, not only lighting and ventilation will be affected, but also will have some impact on feng shui. Xiao Bian suggests that you can hang a crystal ball on the ceiling near the kitchen, or put a foliage plant next to the kitchen, so that the air flow from the main entrance can be dispersed to fill the entire kitchen.

There is no window in the cooking room that is really annoying, but you may wish to refer to the above program for decoration, maybe it will bring good results! The above is Xiaobian on how to decorate the kitchen without windows and how to solve the problem of how to solve the feng shui problem in the kitchen without windows. If you have more related issues, welcome to continue to pay attention to Qijia Information, and later will provide more exciting content for everyone.

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