The role of balsam

Impatiens seed is also known as acute, and the stem is also known as sclerotium. It can be used as medicine. It has the effects of promoting blood circulation, diuresis and detoxification. Fresh grass smashed externally, can cure sore swollen pain, poisonous insect bites. The seed is an antidote, which has the effect of passing through, oxytocin, phlegm and phlegm. The pregnant woman should not take it; the whole grass simmered juice, the external treatment cures the bruises, the petals are chopped, and the garlic juice and other sticky substances can be dyed. It can also be used to treat onychomycosis. Seeds contain saponins, fatty oils, sterols, polysaccharides, proteins, amino acids, volatile oils.

1, Fengxianhua treatment of women with closed abdominal pain: impatiens 3 to 5, tea.

2, Impatiens treatment of bruises:

Fang Yi : The right amount of Impatiens flower, dried in the ground, 9 to 15 grams each time, water and wine blunt, one dose a day.

Fang 2 : Fengxian stems and leaves, oyster sauce, yellow wine rushed.

3, Fengxianhua treatment of edema: impatiens root 4 to 5 each time, stewed pork to eat.

4, Impatiens sinensis, hair back, bloated:

Fang Yi: Fresh plum blossoms smashed the affected area .

Fang 2 : Fresh Fengxian whole plant washed with roots, smashed, add boiled juice 2 times. Filter, combine the secondary filter juice and then simmer, concentrate into a paste, apply paper, paste the affected area, and change it daily.

5, Impatiens treated pertussis: 10 Impatiens, a little rock sugar, stewed.

6, Impatiens pertussis, hematemesis, hemoptysis: fresh plum blossoms 7 to 15 flowers, Shuijianbi.

7, Impatiens leucorrhea: Impatiens 15 grams (or root 30 grams), cuttlefish 30 grams, boiled soup, one dose a day.

8, Impatiens pollination snake bites

9, Impatiens treatment of waist and pain: 9 grams of Impatiens, dried, research, fasting service.

10, impatiens treatment of paronychia: fresh impatiens or leaves, add a little brown sugar, smashed the affected area.

11, Impatiens goose palm wind, onychomycosis: several fresh impatiens, rubbed outside.

12, Impatiens treatment of fracture pain: 3 grams of dried Impatiens, fresh 9 grams, sparkling wine, oral administration.

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