Three practical methods for mahogany furniture maintenance

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Furniture is like a person, people need health to live long-term moisture, furniture also needs "health" - maintenance, in order to survive the vicissitudes of life and still style. There is a limit to human life, and high-sounding people over the age of 150 are unheard of. Is there a limit to the life of furniture? It is not easy to say at present. In general, the furniture of the Han Dynasty, the Tang Dynasty, and the Song Dynasty have existed. There are also many unearthed rafts and lacquer screens in the Warring States. The furniture of the Ming Dynasty is also five or six hundred years old. The well-preserved ones are still fresh and beautiful like just made. Compared with people, furniture is super high life. It is no wonder that it can be passed down as a heirloom generation.

However, there are unexpected events in the sky, and furniture has a blessing. Faced with natural factors such as sunlight, air, seasonal changes, and human factors such as moving, placing, transporting, cleaning, dusting, etc., even a slight negligence and carelessness can cause fatal injuries to furniture. Those who have black eyes on the maintenance skills, the exquisite antique furniture reached their hands, no doubt entered the ghost gate, fierce and less.

The following will start from seven aspects, specifically talk about the concept, methods and taboos of furniture maintenance.

Maintenance method 1: Compliance with wood

People's health care pays attention to human nature, and the maintenance of furniture should also conform to the wood, that is, the "temper" of furniture:

In the winter, every household in the north is heated, and people are very comfortable from the heating, but the furniture is far away from the heating, so as to avoid excessive shrinkage of the wood due to excessive temperature, resulting in cracking.

Summer is coming, it often rains, furniture should be placed in the window, so as not to get wet in the rainy weather, damage the surface, damage the cockroach.

Many furniture are also afraid of the wind, especially the furniture with furniture such as tables and cabinets. Due to the influence of “dry shrinkage and swelling”, it is easy to crack and warp when blowing at the tuyere.

Furniture is no more than a camp bed, and it can be tossed hard. Therefore, the movement of furniture can not be violent, it must be handled lightly, and it should not be too diligent, otherwise it will easily fall apart.

Furniture can't be used in a place. It is called "the water is not rotted, and the household is not shackled." As the season changes, the furniture should be properly adjusted in the placement position. If you let it stay in one place, it is very easy to decay. I often see such ancient furniture: the front and the side are exquisite, the side against the wall is terrible, just like a beautiful beauty burned half of the face by the fire, let people see the heart full of infinite regret...

In short, for people, the temper of furniture is "diligent and easy to disperse, long and quiet and easy to decay"; for the weather, the temper of furniture is "only gradual, can not be mutated." Collectors must do what they want, and adapt to the wood, in order to let the beautiful ancient furniture spread for a long time.

"Compliant with wood" is the purpose and concept of furniture maintenance. Here are some specific maintenance techniques.

Maintenance Method 2: How to maintain the desktop

There is a saying that is good: "The cold table can't make hot tea." This sentence can be said to conform to the wood, because the ambient temperature of the stored furniture can not be suddenly cooled. For example, furniture with stone surfaces (such as tables, screens, etc.) should not be placed outdoors in the winter, nor in the summer in the sun to avoid cracking.

The table used by the ancients was often very well protected. Why did it because the ancients ate and drank tea not like the present people, and the leftovers were all piled up on the table, making them dirty. They use trays to eat and drink tea, and protect the tabletop. If any cockroaches or cockroaches accidentally spill tea or rice cooker on the table, they will not be reprimanded.

The oil on the table can be wiped with alcohol. If there is no alcohol, it can be wiped with high-alcohol. This is a common method used by older Beijingers.

Maintenance method 3: keep dry, cope with season change

In areas where the seasons change significantly, the maintenance of furniture is extremely particular. For example, after the volatility, spring and autumn, etc., the climate will change from tide to dry or from dry to wet. The cabinet door should be opened and the drawers should be opened in time to make the furniture inside and outside synchronize with the wind, so as to avoid warping due to too dry or too wet.

However, when the wind is too cold, the furniture should not be exposed to the sun or the tuyere, and should be placed in a cool, dry place. Because excessive sunlight can damage the material of wooden furniture and cause cracking or warping of the wood, it is necessary to ensure that the ancient furniture is not exposed to sunlight while maintaining its moderate dryness.

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