Tiles can't rely on "love at first sight"

The purchase of tiles cannot rely on "love at first sight", because judging only from the aesthetic level will often ignore the intrinsic quality of the tiles. Once the quality is unqualified, it will result in the renovation of the project in the future. This is very inconspicuous.

First of all, pay attention to the three characteristics of the tile in the purchase of ceramic tiles, grasp these three degrees, there is a certain amount of quality assurance, the purchase of qualified products in a sense is the biggest money.

Wear resistance: This is an important standard for measuring the quality of tiles. It is generally divided into five degrees. 1 degree of wear resistance is poor, generally used to display walls and activities where there are few. The 2 degree wear resistance is slightly better and can be used in places where there is no hard friction such as in bathrooms and bedrooms. 3 degrees is a moderately wear-resistant ceramic tile that can be used in places where there is a lot of movement of people, such as living rooms and kitchens. The 4 degree is a high wear resistant tile that is ideally suited for use in residential halls and corridors and public areas when luxury furnishings. 5 degrees is a tile with high abrasion resistance, which is not necessary for home use. It is generally used in public places such as airport stations where there is a lot of traffic.

In addition, the water absorption of the tiles is also an important criterion. Tiles with high water absorption generally have small voids and relatively low density, whereas tiles with low water absorption have relatively high density. Wall tiles and floor tiles have different functions, so the required water absorption is different. In the living room, you should choose tiles with lower water absorption. Frequent activities may bring frequent pollution, and the loose brick holes are very Easily absorbs water and dirt, resulting in flaws that are not easily cleaned. The method of judging the water absorption rate of a tile is very simple. Just drop a drop of water on the back of the sample tile and observe if it can absorb quickly. Wall tiles can choose tiles with higher water absorption, and the ground should choose low water absorption, especially in the bathroom environment, the lower water absorption can also ensure that the tiles will not be over-expanded and deformed.

Hardness is also an important factor in the quality of tiles. High-quality tiles generally have high hardness, strong toughness, and are not easily broken. At the time of purchase, you can check the intrinsic quality of the tiles by tapping on the debris. Take two tiles and tap it. If the sound of the brick is crisp, with some metal sound, it shows that the inner quality is very good and the hardness is higher. If the sound is hoarse, there may be cracks in the brick and the hardness is not high. High hardness tiles are not prone to cracking and deformation after being laid for a long time.

At the same time, consumers need to pay attention to the acid and alkali resistance of ceramic tiles and chemical reagents while choosing ceramic tiles, because improper cleaning in future life may cause damage to tiles.

After consumers understand these specific data, the use of tiles can be clearly judged. Because of the different quality of tiles, hardness and wear resistance are different, the price is not the same, if consumers spend a big price, buy back high hardness The tiles are laid on the wall. This is not necessary. Choosing and using tiles properly will be the right way to save money.

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