Tiles carefully selected "face"

Tiles, commonly known as tiles, are used for the exterior walls of buildings and the interior walls of bathrooms, kitchens, balconies, etc., and are primarily used for waterproofing and decorative purposes. When selecting tiles, in addition to the quality requirements, it should also be considered from an aesthetic point of view.

First, look beautiful

The most important function of the tile is its decorativeness, so the first thing to consider when picking the tile is that the appearance should be beautiful, and the glaze should be smooth and delicate. Gloss glazes should be crystal clear and shiny, and glazed glazes should be soft and comfortable.

Put a few tiles together and look closely in the light. If the color difference between the tiles is small and the color is basically the same, then the brand is better; while the poor product has a larger color difference, the shades of the products are different. . Some tiles have a pattern on the surface, and the patterns are delicate and realistic, with no obvious defects such as lack of color, broken lines, and misalignment.

When selecting the color of the tile, it must be connected with the place where it is used, and it must be matched with the color of the surrounding decoration. Exterior walls generally do not use white or other light-colored tiles, because that will make the building appear to lack texture; toilets should be based on the color of sanitary ware, not only tiles, floor tiles, various accessories including hardware and other supporting materials The quality and grade of the kitchen should be in harmony with it; the beige brick in the kitchen is better because it gives a feeling of health; the balcony is generally decorated with a decorative tile with a pattern.

Skillfully judge quality

The quality of the bricks can be directly observed by the naked eye. The general requirement is that the products are straight and flat, so that the products are small in deformation, convenient in construction, and the brick surface is flat and beautiful after paving; secondly, it can also be measured with calipers, and the deviation of good product specifications is small. After the uniform, brick seams straight, decorative effect is good. Poor products have large deviations in specifications, and the sizes vary from product to product; the following simple method can also be used to judge: With the ink behind the tile, the slower the ink spreads, the smaller the water absorption and the better the inherent quality. The better the durability, the worse the opposite.

In addition, the anti-slip property of the tile is very important. Generally, tiles with non-slip function should be used in places with high water consumption such as bathroom and kitchen.

Tips for using small tile tips:

One: The outer package indicates that the color, size, and unity color of the product should also be checked. If defects such as color differences are found to be promptly reflected, use the same color number to use the nearest color number for uniform color.

2: Before laying, the product should be soaked in clean water for 20 minutes, and filtered after removing moisture.

Three: Look for uniform orientation of product pattern features.

Four: The use of sew paving, this is the more commonly used method of international decoration construction, between the joints generally 3-5mm (except for special decorations) between the joints should be cleaned in a timely manner, caulking work should be carried out after nearly 4 hours of laying.

Five: The brick surface should be kept clean after the paving process and activation.

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