True and false identification of conch material

We all know that the general steel window material is a conch profile, this material has good sealing performance, no noise, and good cleaning. The wind pressure resistance, airtightness, watertightness, and profile structure of this profile are the highest in the industry. The following is a fake section that has been tested from the construction site. We will give you a detailed introduction on how to distinguish between true and false sections.

One. Look at the section

From the picture, we can see that the softness of the false profile will be broken off gently, while the toughness of the true profile is better, and the section is much higher than the false profile.

Two. Look at color

From the color contrast of the picture, the color of the true profile is very white and clean, while the color of the false profile is dark yellow. This is not difficult to distinguish without comparing two things.

Three. Look at the code

Conch profiles have security fonts and domino dynamic anti-counterfeiting codes, and they are judged authentic by calling the manufacturer's security phone. The authenticity is accurate to the second, and the number after the second is also different, and the number of profiles per meter is the only number, and false can not be achieved.

Four. Look at the surface

The protective film is attached to the surface of the authentic conch profile. It is machined and relatively flat, and there are air bubbles in it.

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