U.S. winery using solar cells

U.S. winery using solar cells

Mike Sullivan, general manager and winemaker of Benovia Winery in the United States, said that the plant has taken a big step forward in the implementation of sustainable development projects. The plant has installed solar cells, which can be used for most of the electricity needed by later breweries. provide.

Located in Benovia in the Russian River valley, it specialises in upscale Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Zinfandel wines. The company installed 171 solar photovoltaic modules on the roof of its plant. The system can supply 60,000 degrees per year, which is equivalent to 92% of the winery's annual electricity consumption.

Benovia's solar power also protects the Earth's environment, Sullivan said. He said that the installation of solar cells could reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 1,180 tons in the next 25 years — which is equivalent to protecting 20 hectares of forest.

“Using the energy of ripening wine grapes to power the wineries is of great significance to us,” said Sullivan. “This delights our finance director and also protects the environment.”

The policy encouragement of the U.S. federal government and the California state government has also greatly contributed to the implementation of Benovia's sustainable development program, Sullivan said. And stressed that Benowia's new investments in sustainable energy will see returns in the near future.

Benovia has always been committed to protecting the land and reducing the carbon footprint of the brewery. Installing solar cells is also a perfect example of Benovia’s efforts to protect the planet, Sullivan added. “We see ourselves as the guardians of this beautiful valley,” said Sullivan. “By using environmentally friendly technologies and farming methods, we not only produce wines that are popular with consumers, but also provide them with the insistence on choosing the Benovia wine brand. Good reason."

Other measures taken by the Benovia Distillery in its factories and its three vineyards to promote sustainable development include:

● Use Organic Fertilizer to Fertilize Cohn's Vineyard

● All wineries in the estate use organic film and organic fertilizer

● Use dry farming technology to store water

● Cover crops, straw poles on the surface, and maintain the drainage system of the vineyard to prevent the erosion of the land

● Install nests for owls and other raptors in the vineyard to protect local birds

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