What are the heating installation specifications? What to do when installing the floor heating

What are the heating installation specifications? How to install floor heating? Now more and more families will be more inclined to install floor heating. Of course, this is because of the benefits of floor heating. However, in the view of this website, the installation of floor heating requires certain planning. What should be done to install floor heating? Today's site experts to introduce the next floor heating installation specifications?

The first is the cost of the budget, for the floor heating price problem, many people believe that heating is only a machine, which is a misunderstanding. In fact, floor heating is a system. It is composed of multiple parts. Therefore, the amount of floor heating costs involves many factors. Therefore, before preparing to install floor heating, it is necessary to make a corresponding budget.

When installing the floor heating, we must pay attention to the flow and details of the factors, such as the pressure test after the completion of the local warm tube construction. Select two pipes on the water separator, install the pressure gauge and valve separately, open the exhaust valve on the water separator, and then tap water into the system. When the exhaust valve has water flowing out uniformly, close the exhaust valve. , Then you can remove the water pipe, put on the pressure pump to warm the ground pressure, generally 8 kg pressure. Close the valve and check for water seepage at each joint.

There is the need to pay attention to the process, because the warm installation process is good for the use of the later period, so the installation of heating must be strictly in accordance with the standard construction process. Only by exempting the owners from their worries and enjoying the warmth brought by the warmth of the floor, otherwise it will cause very troublesome things in the process of using the floor heating.

What are the heating installation specifications? What should be done to install the floor heating? The above is an expert on this site to introduce specific issues for everyone, hoping to help everyone, of course, more information on the installation of heating details and tips, and interested friends We can also log in to this site for specific understanding and advice.


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