What are the new environmental protection decoration materials for new environmental protection decoration materials

The new type of environmental protection decoration material is the use of certain scientific and technological means for the processing and synthesis of certain materials, or the decoration materials synthesized through technical means. New environmental protection materials are bound to become the mainstream development trend in the future. New environmentally-friendly materials include formaldehyde-free wood-based panels, environmentally friendly coatings, insect-proof and mildew-proof coatings, wood-wool acoustic panels, plant fiber coatings, green paper-based wallpapers, and polyester fiber acoustic panels. Expanded aluminum, green stone, antibacterial materials, etc. Next, Xiao Bian will introduce to you the new environmental protection decorative materials and the selection of new environmentally friendly decorative materials .

What are the new environmental protection decoration materials

1, wood wool sound absorption board

The material is made from long fiber wood wool and natural magnesite powder and cement. Raw materials are environmentally friendly, do not contain formaldehyde and other chemical adhesives, wood silk texture, used to decorate beautiful and generous, giving a visual enjoyment. Fireproof B1 grade, with good mold and moisture resistance, high material strength, impact resistance, not easily deformed. Mostly used for decorative sound-absorbing or sound-absorbing wall sound absorption.

2, polyester fiber absorption board

Polyester fiber, also known as polyester, is a petrochemical product that has been pressed into a cotton plate after flame retardant treatment to make a polyester fiber acoustic board. Different thicknesses and different bulk densities can be formed. The general thickness is about 9mm. Raw materials are environmentally friendly, do not contain chemical adhesives such as formaldehyde, and are beautifully decorated with rich colors. They are Class B1 fireproof, easy to bend and cut, have good sound absorption, and are filled with sound-absorbing cotton.

3, melamine foam melamine, also known as melamine

The melamine foam is an open-cell foam made from melamine and has a fine three-dimensional mesh structure inside. It belongs to solid fat plastics, light weight, high hardness, wear-resisting, environmental protection of raw materials, no formaldehyde and other adhesives, no floating substances in the air, easy to bend, cut and install, fire class B1. High cleanliness, good sound absorption effect, often used to fill sound-absorbing cotton in the wall.

4, plant cellulose coating

The material is natural recycled fiber such as waste wood, bark, waste paper and the like. After crushing, it is chemically treated to create a spray-type sound-absorbing decorative material. The plant fiber has good environmental protection, the spraying operation is convenient for construction, the fireproof B1 grade, and the sound absorption effect is good. It is often used for filling sound-absorbing cotton in the wall.

5, expanded aluminum, sintered aluminum, aluminum foam

The aluminum is sintered into a porous foamed form by filling it with a swelling agent, a foaming agent and the like. Easy to process, unique decoration, fire class A, light weight, high cleanliness, sound absorption effect, with electromagnetic shielding properties.

New environmentally friendly decorative material selection

1. Selection of soft decoration materials: Soft decoration materials such as curtains, bedspreads, pillowcases, sofas, etc., the best choice is fabrics with higher content of cotton and linen, and attention should be paid to the dyes should have no odor, strong stability and not easy to fade.

2. Selection of wood product coating materials: The most common coating materials for wood products are all kinds of paint, which is a well-known source of indoor pollution. However, some companies in China have developed environmentally friendly paints, such as Yajue, Love's brand decoration paint, pigeon brand metal paint, etc., are not using benzene-containing thinner, pungent odor, volatile faster.

3, the choice of top material: the height of the room is generally not high, do not ceiling, the original ceiling wiped water-based paint or paste environmentally friendly wallpaper. If partial or integral ceilings are used, it is recommended to replace the wooden keel splints with materials such as light steel keel plasterboard, calcium silicate board, and Etude board.

4, the choice of ground materials: the choice of surface materials, such as floor tiles, natural stone, wood floors, carpets and so on. Floor tiles generally have no pollution, but natural stone is used in a large area of ​​the house. Plates that have been tested without radioactive elements should be used. Before choosing composite flooring or chemical fiber carpets, you should carefully review the corresponding products. If solid wood flooring is used, floor adhesives with a low organic matter emission rate should be purchased.

5, the choice of wall decoration materials: home wall decoration as much as possible not to use a large area of ​​wood decoration, the original wall surface can be wiped after brushing water-based paint, but also can choose a new generation of non-polluting PVC environment-friendly wallpaper, even with natural Fabrics, such as cotton, linen, silk, etc., as the natural wallpaper of the substrate; the most suitable and safest choice is still the product UV decorative plate, which selects high quality non-asbestos fiber cement plate as the substrate, green, non-asbestos, no radiation, Formaldehyde-free, healthy and safe, especially suitable for living decoration. The international A1 fire rating has been tested by the National Fireproof Building Materials Center. It complies with A1's non-combustible standards and has good fire performance. It is decorated in hotels, tourism, and KTV entertainment venues, and is safe and secure.

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