What flowers are suitable for June?

In June, the temperature increased further. The average monthly temperature in most parts of the country was between 24 °C and 26 °C. It entered the early summer season and the Yangtze and Huaihe River valley entered the rainy season. It is the season with the most rain in a year, and there is often a long period of continuous rainfall. For some summer dormant or semi-dormant flowers and most bonsai, care should be taken to avoid the roots of the plants caused by excessive rain, or the plants are mad due to insufficient light, disturbing the shape or affecting the normal flowering results of ornamental plants.

The ornamental plants that can be displayed in the courtyard this month are some potted plants with strong resistance. The species are: rose, Araucaria, Wuzheng Pine, Podocarpus, Black Pine, Jinsong, Baipisong, Huashan Pine, Spruce, Japan. Fir, cycad, canary sea date, brown bamboo, South American iron tree, four seasons laurel, stalked sunflower, king coconut, bottle coconut, beautiful needle sunflower, spotted eucalyptus, weeping branch, leafhopper, oleander, dragonfly Child, Brazilian iron, rich tree, Dutch iron, jasmine, pearl, white orchid, Milan, smiling, pomegranate, bougainvillea, ivory red, hydrangea, medlar, sea quince, variegated wood, hibiscus, crape myrtle, five-color plum, Shrimp clothing, Schefflera, broad-leaved top ten credit, octagonal gold plate, sprinkled golden peach leaf coral and so on.

Herbs include: Coleus, Medallion, Golden Lotus, Impatiens, Pineapple, Red Crane, Summer Flower Cattle, Valerian, Diyong Golden Lotus, Canna, Clematis, Hulk, Green Roe, Turtle Bamboo, spring feathers, little angels, velvet and so on.

Metal Spiral Wound Gasket

Description:It is the ideal gasket in the semi-metallic category. A narrow strip of V-shap metal hoop is spirally wound under tension with a filler cushion between the lami nation of the metal and is spot-welded at both ends. This kind of gasket`s Filler:graphite, PTFE, asbestos, non-asbestos.


1.Little deterioration of the filler material at high temperature,oustanding long-term seal ability even under high temperatures and high pressures.

2.Especially gas sealing, is superior to that of Asbestos Gasket.

3.Sealing remains outstanding even under servere conditions such as pressure fluctuations and heat cycles.

4.Outstanding sealing even at cryogenic temperature.

5.Excellent seal ability is maintained making it possible to apply this for corrosive fluids by selecting the Appropriate materials.

Spiral Wound Gasket is widely used in the industries of Petroleum, chemical, electric power,shipbuilding, steel. 



Metal Spiral Wound Gasket

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