What is a hidden project? Home improvement hidden project content

1, water supply and drainage project

As the galvanized pipe is apt to rust, foul, not keep warm, and will be frozen, it will be phased out. At present, the most used are plastic aluminum composite pipes, plastic steel pipes and PPR pipes. These tubes have good plasticity and toughness, and the insulation does not crack or foul. The use of special copper joints or thermoplastic joints guarantees quality assurance and low energy consumption.

2, electrical pipeline project

General power cord is divided into hard wire, soft wire, sheathed wire, etc., according to the thickness of the copper core is divided into 1 square millimeter line, 1.5 square millimeter line, 2.5 square millimeter line ... ... for safety reasons, more convenient maintenance, power cord should be Bushings. In addition there are audio lines, signal lines and so on. Sockets are divided into 10A, 15A, etc. There are also many types of brands and counterfeits. Poor outlets are prone to accidents, and it is recommended to purchase them in a regular electrical appliance store. Electrical wiring projects require construction regulations. Workers should hold certificates to ensure safety and eliminate hidden dangers.

3, floor base

There are two approaches for the base of solid wood flooring: brushing cold base oil on cement floors, laying wooden keels, and finally nailing floors; another method is to lay a layer of blockboard on the keel first, or a wool floor, and then nail Floor, using this method, the floor is evenly distributed and the structure is firm. Composite floors are easy to install and there are also two ways to do this: one is to make the leveling layer first, then lay the PVC cushion, and then lay the composite floor; the other is on the cement leveling layer, laying the wooden keel and the wool floor, and the two-storey composite floor.

4, retaining wall base

Wall panels are flat and bumpy. The practice is to brush a layer of cold base oil on the wall first, then install a 30mm*40mm wooden keel, nail the multilayer board or blockboard on this basis, and finally nail the veneer plywood. In order to prevent mildew, a series of 6mm diameter courageous holes are opened on the upper part of the visor.

5, door and window cover base

First arrange the keel, then nail fine wood board or MDF, the surface with a veneer splint nailed wood. Note that the MDF should be soaked in water to prevent it from expanding in the future.

6, ceiling base

Ceiling materials are gypsum board, gray board, plywood, aluminum alloy buckle board, plastic buckle board, milled glass, stained glass, etc., keel wood keel and light steel keel. Cracking of ceilings often occurs, such as the use of elastic putty joints, and the application of nylon straps can improve this situation.

After the completion of the concealment project, it shall be checked and accepted to ensure that no hidden troubles are left. Only after passing the inspection can the follow-up construction be conducted. Otherwise, if problems are discovered in the future, they need to be reworked, which will not only affect the quality but also delay the construction period.

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What is a dense Steel Grating?

The dense steel grating means that the hole shape of the steel grating plate is relatively small and relatively dense, and in addition to the advantages of being beautiful in appearance, easy to install, etc., the steel grating plate more fully satisfies some special occasions for passing through or missing objects. There are strict requirements on size and size. For example, for large crowds of people, dense steel gratings can meet the requirements of high-heeled women's high-heeled shoes; for example, in large-scale industrial and mining enterprises, it is not allowed to have larger objects (such as steel larger than 25 mm in diameter). The ball) falls to meet security needs.

Tight Type Steel Grating

Tight Type Steel Bar Grating, Tight Type Steel Grid, Tight Type Plat Steel Grating

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